Thursday, February 28, 2008

I admit it

I slept with Rainbow Brite. For years. Her horse, her dog, she and I slept all cozied up in my bed, complete with rainbow brite sheets. I might have had a shirt or two. She was the business back in the day. Back when rainbows meant.... rainbows. No hidden meanings, just a collection of stories of Wisp living in Rainbowland. I also watched other 80's good stuff. You better believe I went to Bayside High with Zack and Slater. I bit all my fingers off during the Goonies, the face of Ol' Lady Fratelli still haunts my dreams, if I am ever lost in a forest being offered candy by a stranger, it's her fugmosis face I see. And Chunk, everyone wanted a friend like Chunk on their side.
Fresh Prince of Bel Air? I listened to Will before he went Hollywood, singing out loud with my brother at night, "Parents Just Don't Understand." Loud enough so my parents could hear, and yet still be in the legal limits of respecting them. I can still sing the theme song to the show, word for word. We could have been DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Princes, and Hot Mommtastic...if they would have let me in their little group. Something about 3 being a crowd, so that didn't work out.

How about I bawled my ever loving eyes out during E. T. Straight sobbed, even years later. It was so traumatic, poor Elliot and E.T., and I think I'm getting misty thinking about it.Guess things happen when they do, because E.T. could have whipped out the ol' blackberry these days and had his phone call and a hot pizza with m & m's waiting for him at home.

Punky was my idol. I can sing her song too, and you better believe I thought long and hard about being an orphan so I could have a wagon bed. Well, when you're 7 you don't really know how to connect the dots. Oh and sunshine hairbows. I had the freckles, so I totally could have pulled off the Punky Brewster style.

Anyways, that's my trip down 80's lane. And I would totally rock these today, rainbow brite lovin' or not.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I don't make new year's resolutions. Probably because I wouldn't ever keep them. I would follow along for about a month, and them skip/mess up/ whatever,and then decide it was a wash. Kind of like those kids in school that would get an A- and cry. Because it wasn't an A+. I still remember the girl who did that... and still remember wondering what was wrong with her... Didn't she know an A's an A? Heck, D is passing, anything above that was like extra points that don't really count. Well I mean they count, but still D= sigh of relief passing.

So I resolved that I was going to blog more. Not because I have an audience of readers waiting on baited breath for me to breathe life into an insightful passage of words, but because I constantly have things I want to say. So saying them on a blog is far better than sitting in my car in traffic talking to myself. Not that I talk to myself in traffic.

With that said, let's see how this goes......