Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding the silly

I realized that I haven't posted something hilarious lately. Possibly only hilarious to me, but still. You would think that my life is void of funny. But it is not. I laugh every day at my kiddos, at my husband. At myself. Really, you know you will have a good day when laugh at yourself, before 8 am. 

Baloney constantly wants to know if Aunt Jemima and Mrs. "Butterwoods" are sisters. And I could be Aunt Jemima too if I put a Aunt Jemima hat on my head. All while making meatloaf. Who is this kid?

Oldielocks has a phone. And she likes to video things. Like scary videos she and her sister made of babies in our fridge. Annnnnd there may be a video of them knocking down a mattress and a very angry mommy voice from the dark. To which she sends it to me, with "watch this. It gets funny at the end." Yeah the end where I am yelling. Hilarious.

Middle. Oh the knock knock jokes. That are corny and dorky and half the time messed up. That makes me giggle. She tries so hard to be such a dorky joke teller. I can't help but laugh.

Tater is always laughing. happiest baby ever.

Friday, January 06, 2012

Treasure hunting

Vintage things.
Old things.
Antique things.
Spiffed up junk.
Whatever you want to call it, I love it. I get giddy when I find old fruit crates that can hold magazines, and tin containers, milk bottles and worn aprons. My heart does a happy dance, and I clap my hands together like a barking seal. I have proclaimed my love for old homes and old cars... I feel most "things" have a story.
Just this last weekend the family and I stopped off at a local "urban barn". Full of junk that has been cleaned up. I appreciate the fact that someone went treasure hunting, since around here, we just don't have old finds like that. But I want to spruce it up myself. I'd rather not pay a bazillion dollars for a super cute re-painted dresser when I can do it myself cheaper. I once got the ugliest brown 1970's dresser with gold key dresser knobs, and it is now white, with modern handles, housing clothes for my girlies.

Anyways, since I don't live in Iowa and can't just jump in the van with the American Pickers, can't jump in Cari's yellow truck with Cash and Cari, I have to find different avenue's to find my treasures. You don't have to go to some old trashy farmhouse or swap meet. I searched area stores and found some cute things. These are a few of my recent loves.

Old milk bottles found in an antique store in the city of Orange, CA.  Flowers from farmer's market
Cute basket found in Hobby Lobby. $4.50

Mason Jar  drink dispenser found at World Market $14.99

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Purple and green quilt

  My last quilt of 2011.

  Zombie quilt. Purple and green lovin. 

 My sister loves all things purple. She has purple pots, purple pillows and even a purple kitchen aid. When I was describing Joel Dewberry's Aviary 2 and Heirloom lines, I'm sure she thought of how nerdtacular I am and what color socks she would wear that day. But actually her response was "purple and green? Zombie colors. I want it."  Which is funny since my sister is super vintage funky rather than computer gaming comic loving.  So, I contacted one of my favorite fabric etsy sellers, Fabric Shoppe, and created a custom listing with 4 fat quarters from each line and zombie fabric was on it's way. It's that easy.

The Amy Butler polka dot green binding.