Monday, December 17, 2007

Where are you Christmas?

Why can't I find you..... I went shopping on saturday. Despite my many attempts to be a little more prepared, it always seems to run away from me like a toddler in the toy department. I planned, bought and made my christmas cards before December. I made christmas cookies with the kids a week and a half ago. I bought many presents, wrapping papers and stocking stuffers. Yet I STILL have stuff to do. How does that happen? I am pretty much resolved that I will never have a golden turkey and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, at least not in the month of december.

I went into Kohl's on saturday, with my 3 kids and my nephew. Oh and my sister. We decide to take the gamble that we can get at least one cart in the store. We see a lady in line, with a double stroller cart. We politely ask as she comes to the door if she was finished and if we could have it. All of a sudden the sun fell from the sky, and darkness filled the store. " I WAS WAITING!!!" boomed a loud, schreechy female voice from the sky... and I, for a second, thought that wow, God really is a woman. I turned around and the Grinch was staring down at me. She was dressed in all green, about 5 inches past way too tall for a woman, which in other terms is about 6 foot something. She is breathing heavily, and I thought I saw her nostrils flare and a flicker of fire in her throat, but it could have just been the light. She snatches that cart out of the woman's hand like it was a Wii on clearance. She turns her grinchy self around and asks her 4, perhaps 5 year old and it's OLDER sibling who wants to ride.

Seriously? You didn't think the ladies with the 2 one year old kids needed the stroller? You didn't think that quite possibly your children who look like they were managing just fine to run around the store, needed something a little more sturdy than a double stroller? Like maybe a good pair of walking shoes and a lesson in how to behave, instead of using the stroller as a jail cell. She gave my sister a dirty look, and then stomped her Grinch self away. We had planned on looking around, shopping a bit. Instead, we carried the kids over and very quickly picked out a coffee maker for my sister's boyfriend. We left, and headed back home. Christmas just ain't fun if the grinch comes to steal your stroller away.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kind of what I said....

I'm walking Middle to school this a.m. They had just put up a big screen, where the date, weather, events scroll along. Middle is reading it, and says "what is the F for?" I glance up and see it says 69 (insert degree symbol here, since I have no idea how to do that on the comp.)and then F. I tell her it means 69 degrees Fahrenheit. She starts jumping and hopping, and says to me so excitedly "OH YAY! I can't wait to go to Fairy Night!!!"

I had to deal the smile wiping blow that I had said Fahrenheit, not Fairy Night. Yeah try to ruin a kids day by telling them their school is not going to have a Fairy Night, just that Fahrenheit is a way to tell people about temperatures. She gave me the "You're such a fun sucker" face. Next time I am totally lying and we are going to have a fairy night. Fahrenheit is something that she can learn about in 6th grade. Who says learning's fun? Fun sucker learning.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Love this

I like all kinds of music... except for polka. Polka doesn't quite do it for me. Here are some videos that I love. The first one is Taylor Swift, who is just the cutest thing ever! Love her songs, her lyrics, love it! (Notice the overuse of the word "love". I lack in the vocabulary department. Anyways, at the ACM awards, she sang her song "Tim Mcgraw" and actually walked up to him while singing it. Adorable, is all I have to say. At the CMT's ( I know all these ABC's and EFG's are confusing) she won the horizon awards, and she said "This is the highlight of my senior year!" Yes, because she is still in high school.

The next one is Kellie Pickler. She was a contestant on American Idol, didn't win, but still went on to do her own thing. She has a bit of a story, which btw, is a requirement if you are going to be a country singer. So I guess the next time you are down on your luck, think positively: You can officially sing country music... if you can sing, I guess. Her mom abandoned her when she was 2, her dad was in jail, and her grandparents raised her. She wrote this song about her mom, which is basically about if her mom ever thinks about her and where she is. She sang this at the CMT's, and it was so powerful. Try not to cry, and pick her up and put her in your back pocket, and give her all that her sweet little heart wants.

And all is not lost. If you are thinking I am all about the Honky Tonk side of the music world, fear not. Here is one of my absolute favorite songs! Seriously. Well, both songs they show, but especially the second one. On this one, try not to laugh.

Love them all.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 see...what had happened was......

so I haven't blogged in a minute. Or a week....maybe even a month. Ok, dagnabbit, it's been about 2........ months. So I treat my blog like I do diets, I do it for a minute and it fades away. The novelty wears off. Anyways, it's not like I stopped having something to say, that's for sure.

Can I tell you about how my 16 month old took my wedding rings and by a series of unfortunate events, one got put in the trash? Before you give me an hour long lecture about the symbolic importance of my rings and how could I allow them out of my clutches, just listen. I am one of those people who takes them off. Everyday. I don't sleep in them. On more than one occasion I have had diamond marks cut into my hand from sleeping on them. Such a problem to have, I know. I also take them off to cook, or other filty, disgusting things I do on a daily basis. Like clean. Keep it pure, people.

So on that fateful day, I had placed them on the ledge, next to the counter because we were making cookies. My warrior child climbed up the back of the couch and took them, without me knowing. So the next day, (yes I didn't notice for a day, I was busy. I know, sanctity of symbolic rings, lecture, blah) I asked the husband if he had seen them. I started to get this feeling, as if I should look for them as if she had took them. I don't like to convict a girl before evidence can be gathered, so I still wasn't blaming the little one. I look in her little play area, and low and behold, there was the big ring, With the big diamond, the expensive ring. Is that bad that I breathed a sigh of releif, knowing that if somehow the band was lost for good, at least I had the more expensive ring? The are both very sentimental, I treat them equally, I try to give both of them my undivided attention... Well, then the husband says he threw away some stuff over there the day before, and we both thought the same thing, that the ring was tossed as well. So, my hero, in all his trash picking glory, went out and dug through the trash, so well a raccoon would be jealous, and he found the band! (Once again is it bad that I wanted take a pic of him digging through the trash? I couldn't because the CF card was missing but that is a whole other story. I am so happy and thankful that we found it, and reallllly thankful she didn't swallow it. Obviously for her sake, and I think poop digging is way different that trash digging. The girl is banned from jewelry until she's 23.