Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now playing, 3. As performed by Baloney.

My hair is being done by a 3 year old. As in ripped out by the roots with a rat tail comb and put back together with Suave kids detangling spray and a bobby pin, and several gymboree hair clips. I'm wincing. The things I do for beauty.

This is the same kid that announced "I can't take it." While sitting in her carseat. Kicking and whining. Oh the drama.

And that she can do the hoedown throwdown. Just like Hannah 'Tana. ANd proceeds to shake it like a polaroid picture. on a bench. in front of some old grandma.

She also does not like broccoli. It is "soooo 'scusting." And tells me that I should in fact, never buy it again. What a critic.

The fabric store is fun. Until I put the kabosh on her running up and down the stairs. Then it was "borning. I do not like fabric. I need a nap." How convenient.

We were in Costco. I cannot go into the details, but Satan would have been proud of his spawn. That's all I will say. Yet, she sure put on the happy camper moves when handing over the receipt.

She had gunk all over her face. I did the whole mom spit wash. ANd.she.freaked.the.effy.out.
"YOu put your spit on me!!!!"
and then came....

You're telling me.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sharing blog lovin'

I know I can be a blog slacker.
I'm trying to be better.
really. I am.

but while I don't blog often...
I stalk many.

Let me share one of my faves:
I love this blog.
This chick finds some of the coolest ideas out there,
and then post/links them. Tons of inspiring ideas for all occasions.
I like having all kinds of pics/ tutorials/ ideas in one spot.
Someone else doing all the searching dirty work.
Love it!

and p.s. - help a girl out and leave a comment on her post so she can win a washing machine set. Some good deeds only take 15 seconds and a click of a mouse ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabric how I love thee....

The fabulous hubby built me a crafting area. A spot for my scrapbooks and fabric. My two loves married. And I'm sure my camera has a space there as well. So now I have to organize it all. Ha.


I'm pretending to be all organized. See the start? I have bags and bags of fabric. And a huge tub as well. I'm trying to get it all in one place so I can just start pounding out some projects. And then I get sidetracked, and think... well the world wants to see some of my up and coming adventures, let's write a blog instead! The only way I stay on the path is to make one. Seriously.

This one is my newest love. Oldielocks wants me to make a dress for her out of it. I'm bought some to make my niece a blanket out of it. Skulls on the front, pink chenille and letter L on the back. Simple and super cute. I also used it as a background for nieces 6 month pics. And it might make a cute apron..... I'm obsessed.

This is fabric for some throw pillows for my bed. Room is aqua blue, bedding is white....

Halloween napkins....with black rick rack.. and perhaps spider napkin rings. I heart Halloween.

Stuff for my sister. Pot holders, apron out of the orange big skeleton print, with polka dotted sash. Dish towels. She is doing her kitchen in the sugar skull theme. How fun are dishes in orange, lime green, purple. And she has a purple kitchen aid. She rocks.

Figgy Pudding. I made christmas cards out of this Basic Grey line one year. And now they have fabric. I'm thinking napkins....

Rag quilt. I have a super sleuth in the area scoping out fabrics to put with it.....speaking of which I need to ask her some camo fabric questions....

Remember this? From the elephant quilt? I loved the colors of the quilt. And want to use the scraps to make another one. Not the same thing, but something with all that chocolate/lime green/blue/white goodness. I don't have anyone to give it to. So I might sell it on etsy. Or better yet, give it away on here. Keep your eyes peeled.

Rag quilt base. This is for my Abby Cadabby girl. It is not my style, but I will make it spectacular.. for her and her Abby lovin' heart.

This is a rag quilt base for christmas for Middle.

Rag quilt base for christmas for Oldielocks.

Oldieocks wants to be a "pirate princess'> Whatever that is. So we're going to design something. And I found this. Sparkly skulls... Elegant, yet pirate. I'm thinking black and white and pink.

I just liked this. Dish towels... aprons.... something fun.

Middle wants to be a princess. And picked this out. Bless the little chickie for having far more faith in my skills than myself. And she doesn't want to be just anyone, she wants to be the red one...but pink. Yowza......

This is the base for a quilt for a friend. How cute is this....

And the grey and pink skulls towards the top of the post? This is the dress pattern for Oldielocks. Pretty much a smock style. And then I noticed it says PLUS sizes. I think that is my cue to quit. I have sewing fever and need to get it under control.

Please don't ask to see the scrapbook mess.