Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I try to be a better blogger.
And then I get caught up in trying to establish a new school routine.
And fail.
I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Cuz it's hot and Tater likes to crawl under me while I plank.
The only thing I have caught up with is laundry. Which the older two do their own.
So that isn't a HUGE accomplishment.

Soccer and softball are both going.
And we have a lil getaway planned for this weekend for the kidlets.
We didn't take a vacay this summer.
It's nice to do a mini one.

I have yummy tomatoes bought at this little stand a few houses up
from the beach. Yummy yellow ones and little red ones.
All homegrown in the coastal breeze.
I like the coast.

It doesn't feel like fall. Or anything close to fall.
Hot. hot. hot. and humid.
My curly cues have been curled for weeks now.
Looks like my T will have some curls like my M.
It's sweet.

I'm gonna try and blog more.
Can I get a blog alarm clock that reminds me to?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday things

We are getting into the groove of school and such again.
Soccer and softball practices and games.
Homework and playing.
I've a list of things I want to craft and accomplish.
Christmas gifts I'm trying to figure out.
Halloween is about 57.4 seconds away.

Of course my kids are keeping life real.
Like I tell them where they have to wait after school.
So yesterday I test it out and show up a little later.
Of course the Middle and the Baloney are NOT where they should be,
and I see them walking towards me.
I was kind of like WTF...
not to them but in my mommy head-
and I asked what happened to what I said?
Baloney starts crying-
Middle starts crying.
I ask Middle why she is crying and she says
"Because I madddddde a missss-tttt-aaaaake. *sob* You told us where to go and we didn't." *sob*
Which made me feel for her, but I'm glad that she feels bad about it,
which is how we learn.
Better than her not giving a rat's ass.
Baloney was crying because I wasn't there.
I get it.

Baloney tells me a joke.
"Mom- why did the diarrhea cross the road?"
"I dunno, why?"
"Because it needed help to get to the other side. And it needed help to stay there. That's why diarrhea crossed the road.*giggle*"

Wait----"what crossed the road?"
"diarrhea! YOU know what diarrhea is, it's-"
"Oh, ok."
*giggle and laugh*

This morning it's time for school.
Middle is ready, Baloney is not.
I keep yelling at her while she is being so loud in the bathroom, door locked. I hear banging and water. Finally I go outside and yell up to the open window.
"Baloney, Get out! We gotta go?"
The sound immediately ceases and I hear
"whoa- how is she on the roof?"
Out she comes, hair a mess, no shoes on.
I ask her what in the world has she been doing for ten minutes.
*giggle and flee.... shoeless to the car*

Tater has been playing with a pink abby cadabby helicopter.
Today he broke the abby cadabby part out and put a dinosaur in as a driver.
such a boy.

I'm off to clean the kitchen
make zucchini bread,
roast chiles and freeze them,
work on a photo book,
and possibly order fabric.
And mourn my last episode of my Teen Mommers. *sniff*

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hair pretties

Fold over elastic? Lovin' it.

Right now the little infant headbands with flowers and whatnot are all the rage.
And little twisted hair ties.
We went into Justice and they had some for 8 dollars.
8 Dollars.....
I could make about 40 or so for that price.

I bought my FOE at this etsy shop,
Super fast  shipping and super easy to pick colors. You can do individual or buy a bunch.
I plan on making these as christmas gifts for my kiddos and others.

Soooo stinking easy and cute.

I made a ton for a baby shower gift. Use the already made shabby chic flowers found at Hobby Lobby, etc, google a tutorial for the rolled ones, so amazingly simple but so cuteeeeee!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got nuttin'

Sometimes I sit down to blog and think
"well, I ain't got nuthin to say".
Kind of like today.
I really only have mumbles and curses.
Like I bite my tongue not saying what I
want to say, because I know it's better to
be kind when sometimes I want to be snarky.
I have really really really worked on choosing words wisely.
When it comes to people or circumstance.
Which means I still cuss, and say things that
may just not be right, but I'm trying to remember
that everyone has a heart.
Except for the Grinch...or two.

Besides that, 2 last episodes of my Teen Moms.
Which is good for Farrah because I am about to trot my
happy ass to Florida and have a come to jesus meeting with her.
She is embarassingly rude and epitome of nasty.
Love my Cat and Ty but they need to get their butts in college, like yesterday.
Maci- yawn.
Amber is about a platter high of steaming hot mess.

Tonight's dinner is hot dogs and pasta salad.
Hot out here and I'm kind of lazy.
One kid has practice and two have homework.
My boy is getting sleepy.

And I didn't have anything to say.

Monday, August 20, 2012


 And they are off.
Another year of school, another year of learning, another year older.
It always reminds me of just how fast they grow. I swear two seconds ago, I was playing blocks with my 18 month old blond haired daughter, in my 2 bed apt. Watching her run around and giggle, and enjoying every baby minute with her. And then I turn around, and she is in 7th grade. What? She has 5 more years until she is a senior in high school. FIVE. I remember when she was five and I walked her to her first day of school. She was so confident in her little skirt and little pigtails. And still is.
She picked out coral shorts for school. Had her schedule and made her lunch. Watched Dance Moms before she left. With her bright pink nails.

Middle is in 5th grade. 5th grade. Her last year before middle school. She has been talking for a few days that she is sad summer is over. I get her sensitive little heart my Middle. Her first day of school of kindergarten killed my soul. Big blue eyes with huge crocodile tears silently streaming down her face. I will always remember the helplessness I felt walking away. Today she still looks at me with the baby blues, but walks tall and straight to where she needs to go. Even if it takes everything in her little sensitive soul to do it without tears. She of course chose bright green pants, and I made a bright green bow to match. She is in a class with her bff, so I know her day will be great.

My Baloney. Woke up at 6. Barely ate breakfast and was ready to go. Brushed her teeth twice, and got her bracelets on. She had to have these little birdie bracelets to match her hair and shirt. That one is my bouncer. She bounced her way into kindergarten, and was beloved by all the kiddos. Today, no different. Bounced in, walked right past the teacher as she tried to introduce herself and found her desk and sat down. and got back up. and sat down.....and got back up. That's my bug.

 Growing up.
My kiddos.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I don't like to be so buys that I miss the right now.
I like seeing my hubby watch his sports
and my Tater making "vroom vroom" sounds with his cars as he plays at hubby's feet.
And I hear silence, as my girls get their clothes and junk ready for school tomorrow.

Every year is bittersweet. I love having my children close. If they are with me, it's like where they are supposed to be. We spend days in the sun, being lazy, picnics and parks. And at the end of every August, my heart gets that little tug as I send them off-again.
I'm so happy for the little time they were all absolutley mine, and I look back and hope I didn't fall prey to the busy, but truly enjoyed the minutes.

The minutes where they scream and fight and Littlest Pet Shops go flying- yeah those I don't remember. Kind of like childbirth. Wait- I remember the hell out of that experience. But I don't think I'll look back on life and say oh how they bickered. Get your fighting out now, learn how to be part of this world, and be in a place where I can correct it, not when they've grown and wonder why they weren't taught. Even I still learn how to deal with people that I'd rather put in a trashcan. A really, smelly, dirty fish guts trashcan. It really is so much better to smile and move along. People will act however they want, just don't have to be their target or their audience.

I've been crafting for my peeps, I'll share those later. 

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Summer days

Been soaking up the heat with the kiddos, few family visits, completing a few fun projects, and getting ready for the rapidly approaching day of school. I always get sad when my kids go back to school, simply because I like having them around. They are mine, and I'm like a mother chicken/duck/sheep whateva and like them close by. I am also glad to see them go to school and learn about the world and spend time apart so they are far more happy together. ;)

Anywhocares- I have always wanted a photo wall. I can never decide, too many choices of too many pictures, so I jumped in with my idea and just did it. It was so cheap and easy I couldn't even handle it.

I went to Costco and ordered prints of the rugrats. Largest was 18x12, which is the center pic of the kids and wagon. Cost: 14ish dollars

Two sheets of foamboard from Micheals, $2.99 each. I used spray adhesive and mounted them to the foam board, bought some velcro tabs and attched them to the wall.

Letter M was painted white, had a large canvas, painted it, traced the letters and painted them, sanded it a smidge and there is my wall.

Monday, August 06, 2012


I like fluff books.
Gimme some Twilight and I will enjoy them as I whiz through them all in a few days.
Gimme some Jodi Picoult if I want my heartstrings tugged on. And then I get mad mad mad at her for writing such stories. Nicholas Sparks makes me want to move to an old farmhouse in South Carolina and pit cherries, barefoot on my porch, while I fall in love with my husband, over and over again.

But then I love Mark Twain. Sylvia Plath. Mitch Albom and Maya Angelou. The best dinner ever would be one to sit at the table with them, and just listen. I love books that just ooze wisdom and I could spend forever highlighting every single word.

Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss? Love.
Max Lucado? Double love.

But I don't like the Hobbit. Or Harry Potter. I've tried to like them, but I can't.
Or the hunger games.

I typicaly judge a book by it's cover, mostly in Costco.
Then I see if the library has it.
I havent read a book in a little while.
I think a trip to the library would be good for my soul.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Joel Dewberry Heirloom Quilt

 This line made me happy. Aqua, orange and yellow? I bought it, just to collect it.
ANd I would take it out from time to time and just stare. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but then the time came where I knew exactly where it needed to go.

This is the quilt back.

The quilt top. No special patterns, just random squares.

I juts quilted wavy little lines and it might just be my favorite sewing method ever. Took a pile and a half of thread and a bit of sitting at the machine, but the ripples and waves feel so cool.

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Things I'm liking right now

Um, yes please to this Anthropologie apron!  I totally will try to make one on my own, but I suck at apron making. My sister has been a recipient of two of mine and well, bleh.

How cute is this fabric "Down Under" by Mint Blossom? I'm thinking of ordering some to make something for Tater......I loves it.

ADORABLE! Cutest address stamp yet. I know someone who is buying a house, this will be the perfect gift!

I have no idea where this is from, but this is super cute. It can be a first dance song, or a meaningful song. Cutesy lovey dovey....and I like it.

I like the Detroit Tigers one for my little fella..... but it's kind of warm here...all.the.time. Hmm

These are super cute! I haven't liked much at PBK, but I love these patterns. Especially the owls. The girls don't need new backpacks this year, but we wear the crap outta lunchboxes....I need to decided asap since school starts in 3 short weeks :(

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color lovin'

This pile of coral, aqua and grey makes me happy.
So I'm craftin.
I have a new niece coming and she needs some pretty little things.
stay tuned.

I think I might just throw some coral pillows on my bed. Coral is my signature color.
(said in my most southern (cali) accent)

I think I'm going to make a rustic sign that says we are so good together, to hang amongst the pics. We'll see.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I went to the Adidas Tent sale the other day. I was really at getting gas at Costco, for $3.61...HOLLA!
(No really, that is a fabulous price for gas around here, and the way my car drinks it like it is water. A girl has got to go where the deals are hot!)

So speaking of hot deals, I'm at the Adidas outlet and spy these cute little things for my little Tater. Oldielocks had a pair of ghetto supastar ones back in the day, and all three of the girls wore them. These little green numbers took me quickly down memory lane and I snatched them up like gravy and biscuits. They were only $15. Swoon went my wallet.

 Then I spied these little chunks of happiness.
 Bright coral and black? Come to mama!
I ripped off my left sandal and threw the filler paper to the ground.
I scrambled my funky toes into those bad boys so fast, and
Meet Coralina and Coraline.
I took them to the counter, sold my firstborn and a kidney and went home.

As I am driving home, my kiddos are playing with the shoes.
Oldielocks is sitting next to me and says
"You wear a size 7? My feet are way bigger."

I'm sorry-what?!?!?!?! I wear an 8. 8 8 8 EIGHT.
I nearly hit the nearest pidgeon as I whip those shoes into my hands and to my utter horror-
the inside tag says 7. SEVEN. do I have right now?
The tag said 8. I swear on it.
They ripped the tag off. Conspiracy I cry.
But even better,
 to kick me when I'm down...
All sales are final.

I could just kick my own ass for not trying on the right foot too. When I got home,
I fell to the floor wailing and gnashing my teeth
I tried them on BOTH feet. The right is a little tight.
But I am frikkin Cinderella and these are my Prince Charmings and by golly, they will work out with me every day.
Cuz forty dollars later........
I am stuck. With pretty shoes and cramped toes.
Who doesn't try on both shoes?!?!?

Saturday, July 28, 2012


"hey mom, want to hear my song?"
"sure thing."
"it's about popcorn."
"Cool- sing away."

"pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
 pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

(waiting for any other word other than pop)

pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
ppppooooppp ppppoooopppp ppppooooopppp pppppoooopppp
pop pop pop pop pop

 ( I totally think the next word will be pop. I wonder if I am right)

Pop (yes, yes I am)

pop pop pop pop pop

"That was great Baloney, very good."

"pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

(is this kid serious? Where the dr. seuss did I fail that my 6 year old cannot sing a song that has any other possible word in it... than pop? I suck. I suck miserably and feel free to throw Chicka Chicka Boom Boom at me or something. Hell, I might do it myself, if this song keeps going.)

pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop
pp oo pp ppoopp pp oo pp pppoooppp
pop pop pop pop

(this is the song that never ends..... it goes on and on my friends....)
pop pop pop
pop pop pop
pop pop pop
pop       pop     pop
pop       pop     pop
pppppooooopppppp ppppooooopppppp pppppppooooopppp

(I think my kid hates me......)

pop pop
pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

"Yay!!! That was awesome!"
 and then I hear...

"I can do it again if you like."

Friday, July 27, 2012

Tracin' it back

I didn't mean to not blog for a few days but...... I've been busy.
I've been whoring around on
I'm an extreme genealogy lover.
Love of history, of places, of the past and of family.
I get crazy giddy when I find a match or something new about the people who came before me.
On my mom's side, I can trace them from the plains...
(which cornfields don't excite me, but oh well)
all the way to the east coast.
I vomit heaps of love for all things east coast.
Anne of Green Gables?
Love her.
Big huge farmsteads and country lanes?
Fall leaves and apple trees?
All my people, for many generations.

I have a small window of research time.
It's been interesting. Many old names like Ezekiel and Prudence.
Or Patience. We have one line, with the name quite similar to the movie-
Meet The Fockers.
But the complete 13 year old boy in me came out when I found out that my Meet The Focker family-
is from Weener, Germany.
I've got jokes for days.

So, I've got to get back, I have many more people to find and laughs to have.
I'm off to research Mary Magdalene...another relative of mine. Scandalous!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


hello tuesday.
getting ready to head out and take the kiddos on a bike ride to the duck pond.
and now I have that preschool song stuck in my head
about 5 little ducks.

Got my groceries, having chicken one night, red peppers, corn and glorious ginormous peaches were on sale. I had an avocado and tomato sandwich for lunch. And then Middle and Baloney begged for one too. They loved it, and I'm not surprised because those two will eat fruits and veggies for days.

Did a new work out routine. Had some torture stretches that they call yoga. I flopped over on my face and yelled "pass." I think Jillian yelled back and said "fail!" but I can't be certain. I have been running with the Husband in the afternoons. I'm pretty sure running is for when you are being a clown... who has a giant fish that he wants you to taste.

I have to do my Teen Mom recap, failed at last weeks.

oh and the homemade granola came out yumtastic. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mad Hatter Birthday on a dollar store budget

 My Middle turned the big ten. Double Digits. I am a birthday lover. You betta believe that when someone wakes up on their birthday in the house, it becomes magical. I usually decorate the dining room the night before with whatever their favorite theme is. They get to pick their favorite dinner, and everything that I find special about them, is incorporated in their day. Giving is totally one of my love languages, so I LOVVEEEE to make a huge day of special for the birthday person.

Middle is kind of quirky, and awesomely sweet. Plus one of her nick names is Mad Hatter. What- my kids have nicknames for days. Middle is just in a list of a bajillion names that I call her. In fact, up until this party, Baloney always thought we were calling her the Mad Hattren. When I asked Middle about having a Mad Hatter birthday, she flipped the wonderland out, and was so incredibly excited about the idea. But she didn't want a tea party. Um which is kind of the point, but I went with it. That's what makes the Middle so unique, she puts her own twist on what the should be's and makes them the could be's.

I didn't have tons of money to throw at this, seeing how I have a gaggle of kids, 2 who have birthdays a few days from each other. I hit up the dollar store...and was amazed at how easy this was going to be. To me, the Mad Hatter is vibrant, crazy, funky, whimsical, with a little bit of fancy. Flowers, cards, black and white. I chose yellow, pink, teal, green and bits of purple and then just ran with it.

I made these  ruffled streamers I found on pinterest. More importantly from this tutorial. She is a genius. I whipped these up in about 5 minutes and it was magic, watching them ruffle before my very eyes. My new favorite streamer decoration.

 This is Middle's banner. I took funky pink zebra wrapping paper, slapped that to the wall, printed out my letters in a Beyond Wonderland font. Took some Joann's cardstock that was 40% off so about 30cents a paper, and then glittered around the outside of the paper to the cardstock for that wonderland glamour feel.

And banner up close.

I used harlequin patterned fabric I got at Joann's. It was $4.99, and I had a 50% coupon. I got a yard, then cut it in half and then half again and used it as a runner on the tables. This table had a dollar store yellow tablecloth underneath. I used various tea pots/cups stacked in the background  along the table. The food was a little tough. Because unless you are feeding a bunch of kids, no one wants to come over for mini sandwiches. So sticking with the mini theme, we had mini tacos. With chips, salsa, black beans and rice, deviled eggs, and fruit kabobs. To play on the theme, we printed out "Eat Me" tags and tied them onto the fruit sticks.

So I mentioned Middle didn't care for tea cups. I found small sparkling apple cider bottles for .79c, and Middle LOVES those. And they seemed just perfect for being a special, wonderland style drink. I just wrapped a strip of card stock around the bottle covering the label, and added a "Drink Me" tag with colorful ribbon.

The table inside had a flower table cloth, with the harlequin runner. Joann's had these hideous tulips on sale for 70% off, so for a few bunches it was about $3. I'm glad nobody bough these things so I could. We took empty cans, tied a big pink bow around them, and placed the flowers in it. Then I took pipe cleaners, also found at the dollar store (seriously, I had no clue they had bright fun colored pipe cleaners, I was giddy at the find.) I wrapped them around a pencil and made curly whirly sprigs and put them in the cans as well, to add to the whimsical feel.

Middle and her cake. It was a semi topsy turvy cake, I kind of read the instructions wrong for the first layer, but whatcha gonna do. Middle was delighted, and we  used the sparkler candles, so when it was lit up, it looked crazy magical.

A bigger picture of the setting indoors.

Okay so here is some more little details.
(1) I took a 2 pack of playing cards (99c for 2!) and hot glued them to fishing wire and used it as a hanging backdrop behind the food table.

(2) The streamers hung up with dragonfly lights wrapped around the canopy, and I also hung pink and blue pinwheels from the inside.
(3) The tags for the food.
(4) I also made yellow and green ruffle streamers
(5) Found a flower serving tray and took the utensils and placed a dollop of sparkle glue on the ends, just to fancy them up.
(6) My funky assortment of plates and super cute green napkins complete with utensils on it.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Outdoors fella

This boy loves anything outdoors.
Sidewalk chalk all day with a side of bubbles.
If there is a skateboard left out, he stands on it.
Has to have a ball.
"balll balll balll ballll!"
Wagon rides.
Push car rides.
Playing in the playhouse.
playing in the pool.
The beach? Forget about it.
Runs full force into the water,
will sit with a bucket of sand and a shovel,
and just play.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Personal Responsibility

I ran across this quote
and I paused, and pointed
my finger and said " This, this
right here is one thing that in this
world of entitled, excuse making kids,
is what I want my kids to learn."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Yeah buddy!
WTF Wednesday is back.
Like Montezuma's revenge.

A few weeks ago, the neighbors down the street were having work done in their yard.
I had been in and out all day, playing with kids in the front yard, errands whatever.
I'm standing in my yard, enjoying my birds of paradise or weeds of last years whatever,
when I hear shouting.
I look over and see an older man, around 55-60, shouting, dropping the F word like it is hot.....with an australian accent. He is shouting at an Eastern Indian man, who claims "F~ You, F~ This, I am effing doing ten times the work of you, you F~!" also in an australian accent.

I, of course, am just slightly WTF....

I just realized that the air has just been massacred by F bombs, Crocidile Dundee style, and while I have been known to let a little F~ word slip out here and there,- more often like here, but who's counting- this poetic fury of F~ words was insane. Like an F5 tornado. Tons of yelling and cussing. I of course, crouch like a ninja with a maxi dress on, and like all ninja's do, peer over the patio fence between the palm tree, so I can watch this thunder  train wreck from down under take place. All of a scary ass sudden, I see bodies scuffling and shoving and I hear a huge BANG of metal clanging. And then a young black male who might be like 16, comes running out into the street, guessed it- in an AUSTRALIAN accent.

Now I am super WTF......

The old man with a huge Santa Claus beard with a hair style made famous by Shaggy on Scooby Doo, is now running, into the street, chasing the dumpster that he had punched. I have my hand on phone, not to call 911, but to enter myself into the witness protection program, because I have seen one too many Law and Orders and I know what happens to nosy housewives that witness dumpster diving. Just as I am changing my name to Gertie Grazniowkc, and changing my address to Iceland- just so I can make sure I get my trashy mags forwarded- I see a little boy standing on the street corner, staring.

The boy looks at the old man Shaggy who is trying to hold the dumpster from rolling, the Indian man who is still cussing and holding a shovel trying to put it under the wheels, and the young man who is now sitting in the bed of the truck watching. They are yelling and then I hear a little voice say "Hi."

Silence falls, Shags moves his sweaty nasty hair out of his foul mouthed face and says...."Uh hi fella."

Looking like true jackholes, not one of them utters a single word, and they spend the next hour trying to move the dumpster back into the driveway.

I have no idea where you hire such an oddball labor company, and I don't know if they do good work, but if I ever wanted to say an effective "F~ you" with an Australian accent, I'm sure I could.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We have been eating a little more "clean". I really agree and like the thought of eating less junk/processed/convenient food, and more simple handmade food. Nothing tastes better than homemade spaghetti sauce or homemade tortillas. Because we have access to all kinds of fruit/veggies at amazingly cheap prices, I find myself more and more drawn to food in it's natural state, and prepared at home. I have been teaching my girls to cook more. (and no not because they are girls, since my boy will be taught to cook as soon as he isn't running around trying to throw everything in the trash and climb on tables.)

Today we bought stuff for homemade granola, and making pickles. My pickle lovers are excited about making them, even though Baloney, who has been about a thousand times what pickles are made out of, she tells me in the store, "we will put it together, and create a pickle and take the seeds and then it will grow into a pickle tree!" Sure thing boss, we'll get right on that pickle tree business.
There is something incredibly domestic and satisfying in standing in my kitchen, playing some Ella Fitzgerald, wearing my blue and red flirty apron, while my kids help or play outside, making homemade bread or beef stew or steak salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. It takes me to the 1940's or wherever. Simple, simple simple.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Fourth of July recap

This year for the Fourth of July, we ate. And ate well. The weather didn't cooperate, it was a gray, chilly day, which was completely not like barbeque weather, but whatcha gonna do. We had burgers n dogs, watermelon stars, fruit salad, deviled eggs, potato salad, baked beans, cupcakes, cowboy caviar, and cherry limemade.

Cowboy Caviar is super yummy, we eat it with tortilla chips. I loosely followed this recipe from My I didn't add the hot sauce but added chopped jalapenos instead. Rebellious, but good.

Cherry Limeade is my kiddos favorite special occasion drink. I followed The Pioneer Woman's recipe out of her cookbook- my secret obsession is cookbooks. As in I have tons, and I like to read them.... the more down home, fruit from the farm lovin, the better. It appeals to my inner Laura Ingalls.
I mixed the Cherry Limeade up in my cool Mason jar drink dispenser, and ok to be honest, I doubled the recipe, we like it thattttttt much. I always serve it over a glass of crushed ice, more refreshing that way.

Cherry Limeade


  • 2-liter bottle lemon-lime soda
  • 1 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1 cup sugar
  • One 10-ounce jar maraschino cherries, with juice
  • Thin lime slices
Chill all ingredients before mixing.
When cold, combine the lemon-lime soda, lime juice, sugar, cherries with their juice and lime slices in a large pitcher and stir. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
Serve with a ladle, getting cherries and limes in each serving.

Oh, and the middle picture above was this year's 4th of July cards. Super easy but those little twigs cost me two stamps to mail....and of course the little guy was my patriotic boy, complete with bow tie, cuz he is totally dapper like that.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Modern Meadow pink quilt

 When I first saw this Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow line, I KNEW someone had to have this combo. Anyone. I probably would have made it and gave it to the mail man.....except for the mailman is a grumpy old man that wears a Hawaiian landscaper But then my bestie got preggers and found out it was a girl and I knew it was meant to be, so I whipped up a lil something with this pile of berry fabulousness. I have big plans for the Sunny Day version of this line as well.

I ordered  8 fat quarters from etsy, used one pink and white gingham fat quarter from Joanns.  The back is lined with pink with white polka dot soft flannel. And the binding was a matching tan from Joanns. I broke it up with little white lines, and made it in the size of a square.

 Up close of the colors and fabric.

And just for that little personal touch, I took a tan piece of fabric and cursive embroidered her name on the bottom corner. It's a super girly quilt, but since pink and green is my signature color, it works.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Today I made the girls toad-in-a-hole. The breakfast that is bread with a hole out of the center, you fry an egg in it. Yet the Middle didn't eat the egg, she doesn't like it. Um, that's called toast.....

We went to Joann's, the dollar store and the grocery store. Came home and crafted the afternoon away with banners and ruffle streamers, which might be the most fabulous party decoration and easy peasy pumpkin cheesy. I'm excited to show the results of the Middles TENTH birthday. Double digits? Who said my sweet curly haired  baby girl with big blue eyes could grow up?

My boy is running around with a ball yelling, "Ready, Ready?"
The husband is taking the trash to the curb.
And while I just blogged about nothing, I blogged..... 4 days in a row. I think I got this.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Elf on a shelf...or in timeout.

 Every December, our houses gets broken into by this naughty little guy. My kids named him. Teeny Conner Humperdink. He is one of those Elf on a Shelf fellas. Some people just have him sitting up high, telling kids he is watching and will tell Santa that they are bad. Not our elf. He is straight from the Juvenile Hall in the North Pole. Besides, my kids aren't into the whole Santa is watching biz. They know Mom has the eagle eye on them, sniper style, and I am far worse to deal with than lumps of coal on christmas morning. Just keeping it real, ho ho ho and falalalalala style.

Teeny gets into all kinds of trouble. Late at night, when they are all asleep, this brat gets nuts. Nothing is better than my kids racing around, wide eyed and disbelief of what happened while they slept. They know not to touch him, and that I always take a pic. For his criminal record file- of course. Now....there have been a few times that Teeny was lazy and there was a mad scramble to make sure we caught him being bad before they did... *wink wink*.
Here is what he did 2 years ago......

 He dumped cereal into the dog dishes.....

Wrapped himself in christmas lights....

Reading Dr. Seuss while eating jelly beans.... on the couch!

Took out the tunnel and rolled into the living room...

All night jelly bean party with the Liv dolls and Cinderella....sorority crasher

Made a shoe train through the house while eating marshmallows...

Tried to kick the angel off the tree....

Making snow angels on the counter while baking....

Gingerbread house fell on his head, Wizard of Oz style....

Was snuggled up watching early morning infomercials....

Went fishing....

 Got out Elefun...

Toilet papered our tree....

He bought a movie, popcorn, treats for a movie night....probably with my money though...

Tried to tell baby Jesus to move on over... rude!

ate all the ice cream...

 went for a joyride in the loving family minivan

Gave himself a makeover in the bathroom, wrote his name in the little mirror

He put candy canes all over our tree.....

 Made a huge mess with wrapping paper..... can't wait until this years messes!