Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Now playing, 3. As performed by Baloney.

My hair is being done by a 3 year old. As in ripped out by the roots with a rat tail comb and put back together with Suave kids detangling spray and a bobby pin, and several gymboree hair clips. I'm wincing. The things I do for beauty.

This is the same kid that announced "I can't take it." While sitting in her carseat. Kicking and whining. Oh the drama.

And that she can do the hoedown throwdown. Just like Hannah 'Tana. ANd proceeds to shake it like a polaroid picture. on a bench. in front of some old grandma.

She also does not like broccoli. It is "soooo 'scusting." And tells me that I should in fact, never buy it again. What a critic.

The fabric store is fun. Until I put the kabosh on her running up and down the stairs. Then it was "borning. I do not like fabric. I need a nap." How convenient.

We were in Costco. I cannot go into the details, but Satan would have been proud of his spawn. That's all I will say. Yet, she sure put on the happy camper moves when handing over the receipt.

She had gunk all over her face. I did the whole mom spit wash. ANd.she.freaked.the.effy.out.
"YOu put your spit on me!!!!"
and then came....

You're telling me.


TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

I CAN SO RELATE. And hey Lex says Hannah Tana too.

~s said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! oh, you know i adore her...i love hearing her babble all day long...she's HYSTERICAL!!! now, dear baloney's mom, move back to ohio STAT so i can hang with you two all day! ; )


LOL! My life in a blog post. LOVE it! Especially the hair doing. Although I tend to relish the few moments of closing my eyes and sitting still while my hair gets pulled and twisted in all directions. It beats doing the dishes.