Friday, August 31, 2007

Grooooosssssss Britney

Ummmm Britney Spears? What the trainwreck? Have you seen the recent pics of her caboose not covered? We're not talking low riding pants with her crack hanging out, oh no, we are talking straight up, butt baring, NO Pants, shopping around town! With some ugly brown boots. Could you imagine if you saw Susie Homemaker, grocery shopping in the cracker aisle, wearing a top that slightly skims her toosh? I would assume that the poor lady suffers from some sort of mind altering disease, and doesn't mean to be out in public with her bits hanging out.

So Streaker Spears really ignored the multitude of people that undoubtedly explained that she really is only wearing a shirt, and that perhaps she might want to put on the pants she misplaced? The girl is worth millions of dollars, driving around in a new car, but can't afford pants? I would have driven Her Bareness to the store and said, "Oh, it's Wal Mart -they have cheetos, your fav-, and oh well looky here, they have pants. Get a pair." But no, Miss Trainwreck continues on her path of self destruction, showing up in no pants, with a shirt that leaves no imagination to her dimpled derriere. And if the fashion police were busy arresting other plaid clashing offenders, surely indecent exposure is still a crime...... And my other question is, if you could see that much of the rear... um what about the front porch? Hopefully she looks back on this pics, in hindsight, (every bit of pun intended) and think "What a mess. I really should invest in, I dunno, PANTS."

I would post the link to the sites that have this skin faux pas, but no one wants to see Britney's nekkidness. I have to go bleach my eyes out now.

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