Sunday, September 02, 2007

Bedding Woes

I like to shop. It's no secret, I am a shopper. I don't buy things that are full price, because I will likely slit my wrists with the receipt when I see 2 weeks later it has been marked down. I look forward to mega sales. None of the piddly 25% off crap. That's like finding 50 cents on the washer. It's nothing. I gleefully return home from my adventures, bags in tow, and proudly display my good fortune. I am not one of those "throw it into the closet, hide it from my husband, and swallow the receipt" kind of gals. If there was a shopping badge in girl scouts, I would have earned it. I would have had to been in girl scouts, but that's another story.

Labor Day weekend= sales. The fam and I head out to Macy's because I want new bedding. I have been on a bedding search for years it seems, and just can't find what I want. I want tiffany blue and chocolate bedding. I have had my same comforter and shams since 2004. I loved it. It's a rust orange with orange embroidery, sounds like orange puke, but in reality is gorgeous. But it's tired. I have since added a third kid to the mix to puke, pee, wipe their hands on it, etc. One of my lovely children likes to pull at the embroidery. She's not blind, so it's not like she's practicing braille. I think she does it because it annoys me, and I know my kids lay awake at night thinking of the ways to make my eyes bug out, and that's at the top of her list. The kids jump on the bed, when they think I'm not looking, and don't realize the smoosh, smash and giggle of kid meeting mattress is a dead giveaway. So the poor bedding has been beat up, violated and it's time to retire.

I'm showing the hubby the bedding I *think* I like, and he is not overly thrilled. I ask him to show me what he likes. He goes over to the duvets....yes the plain, white, soft, 8 million degrees of thickness covers and tries to impress me with his (lack of) decorating skills and says, "I like this, and maybe some gray sheets." So in other words, he wants our bedding to blend in with the million little boogers that I'm sure get flicked on it by our adoring children. Gray and white. Gray and white. Like my grandma's hair. Like mold on an onion. Barf.

Needless to say, the search for bedding is still on. And my rusty orange comforter hangs in for another day.

However, I did see a pink Dyson in the Target ad today. How stinkin' cute is that! I thought about running up the stairs, with ad in hand and shoving it in the hubby's face. But then this dialogue ran through my head.

"Look at this pink vacuum. I want one of these!"
"A pink vacuum?
"Isn't it cute!"
"But it's a vacuum, does it matter what color it is?"
"To some no, to me, if it's pink, then yes."
"Does it vacuum better than the yellow one?"
"I'm just going to say yes...."
"Is anyone ever going to see the pink vacuum to know that you have the PINK vacuum?"
" It will sit at the table with us, and sleep in our bed, I'll take it with me everywhere I go...."
"Okay pink vacuum over blue and brown bedding?"

Yeah, my overactive imagination did it for me. I quickly tossed that ad back into the mess of the papers, and continued my quest for the ever elusive brown and blue bedding.


Heidi said...

Hey- Nea, just tell DH that if you get the pink vaccuum this week at Target you get a $100 gift card with purchase, but THIS WEEK ONLY! LOL

Oh, and I LOVE my purple one ;) It DOEA SO Vacuum better, and I like purple, and so it makes me happy when I vaccuum- isn't that the point? LOL

Heidi said...

oh, and really, I can spell @@ geez, how can anyone type with a 2 yr old doing gymnastics on your lap?

sarah said...

how does doug feel about vaccuuming with a pink vaccuum? since, um, we know he's obsessed with the chore. hehehe.