Sunday, April 26, 2009

More bambino lovin'

So yet again, I have been craftin'. Making baby junk for all the babies being born. Tho could someone have a girl? Pretty please? I love all the boy stuff, but I need to make some pink cuddly goodness.

This is the latest, for my nephew Quentyn, eta in May.

I stitched around the letters so they wouldn't come off, and sewed them on a carter's recieving blanket. I then sewed some green minky on the back. I hate sewing minky, it's nothing but a slippery nightmare.

Here's some burp cloths, because after all baby puke looks way cuter on pretty fabric.

Quilt made out of Carter's elephant blanket and other matchy fabrics. I have tons left over, need some ideas for using it up.

Here is the back. It is not see through unless you hold it up in front of a bay window in sunny San Diego in the afternoon. I cut out little elephants from this website. They have a super adorable quilt on there.

here is the front.

While I dig the blue, green, white, chocolate combo... I need to switch it up....


J. Leigh Designz said...

Again...where is your store???

~s said...

umm...yeah. when are you going to start charging for this amazingness? : ) i have to say tho...from someone who's received your creativity, there's alot of love in those items...and you can't put a price on that. : )

your stuff turned out A-MAZ-ING. i'm baffled at how you pull it all off! : )

*Mo* said...

I'm just saying if your itching for the need to just do something for a girl, like paisley printed and you need a Paisley or I mean a baby girl to try it out...just let me know! :)