Monday, April 27, 2009

results are in

I mentioned early on in March, how I was on this crusade to be fit, and I was going to do the 30 day shred. I did it, every day, faithfully. I didn't follow a diet plan, I just ate healthy, and lowered my calories. Some days I did the shred, some I did shred and elliptical. Some days I shook my jello and just danced around the house. I can't find before pics...but my weight was... drum roll......147. 147 for a 5'3" chick is not fabulous. That meant size 10 pants, large tops. My gut... oh my great grandma... was my belly just nasty. Having 3 kids donated to the pile o' flab, but really, I had jelly rolls, cinnamon rolls, if it rolled, it was there.

So I sweated. I had swamp ass for 30 days straight. I was so mad at that damn Jillian and her two little itty bitty trainer friends. She kept saying "don't phone it in." Like all fat people sit around phoning it in. Like it was a damn pizza. Some of us go out and get the pizza.

I squatted like an Indian giving birth in a corn field. I lunged like I was a really chunky jaguar. I crunched like I was a bag of cheetos. I drew the line at high jumps. I am not a dolphin performing tricks. I don't do high jumps. It was bad enough I was kicking my own ass and doing jump squats. And jumping jacks. And jump rope. And plank rows. And on top of all that it sounded like a dirty phone perp was living up in here. The heavy breathing, panting, grunting.. not fabulous.. at all.

so..... 6 weeks later.... I lost 14 pounds. And tons of inches. I still ate pizza every friday, had a birthday weekend in between. I wanted skinny, and I'm getting skinny. Everyone get your shred on... seriously it works.

Here's a pic. In the sliding door.


~s said...

holy crap!!!! you look AWESOME!!! i'm sooooooo proud of you! even if i had to give you up for an hour or so every day so you could work out...bah. i've gone in the OPPOSITE direction. LOL

J. Leigh Designz said...

Congrats! You lost 14 I gained LOL! Got any pointers? I SO need to get my ass back in gear! You would never know I lost 20 pounds last year :(

SavvySarahDesigns said...

nice job! send some my way! you look hottttttttttttttttttttttt :)

*Mo* said...

i love and hate that video. i more so hate it. but it does work. it made me realize that i had more than just one muscle in my ass.

Great Job!!!!