Friday, September 17, 2010

Gymboree must hate me

If you google Gymboree listens, chances are, somewhere on the first few pages, you'll get me. And my posts on my experiences at Gymboree. And when I wrote my post, from MY point of view, on MY experience, I never would have imagined the outrage from some employees. You would have thought I personally walked into their store, ripped clothing from hangers, chewed on sales tags and toilet papered their car and called their grandma an asshat or something. Truth is, I had one.... (or more) shitty experience there. I can point you to a message board where tons of ladies talk about the crappy customer service they had, if they really want to get it all out. Sorry Gymbo, but the bad customer service I had did not fall on deaf ears. Now on the flip side, the sweetest lady in a Kentucky mall needs some recognition. I did not buy anything, so I can't sing her praises to the proper people, but she was real nice. So there you go.

Which now this reminds me that people will google and then they read, so I have other things to write about. And to the person who googled "fart sniffer" and got me.... that made me giggle.

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Jennifer Leigh said...

I can totally see someone getting fart sniffer and landing here LMAO! I've actually never bought anything Gymbo in my life lol