Thursday, November 03, 2011

Thankful day 3

I am thankful for my bed. Oh my, do I have the softest bed ever. If Goldilocks came to my house, you would most definitely find her sleeping in my bed. I would probably spend all day in it if I could. IF I could. But I can't. There are people sleeping on the streets, or thin mattresses. People on lumpy beds, and people with bedbugs. I love that mine is that perfect combo of soft, broken in comfort. Plus my kids love to cuddle up, like bugs in a rug, and just lay in my bed. I sometimes stand at the door and look at them, my babies. Thank you bed, for being my family's cuddle spot.


t0urniquet said...
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^_^ said...

This post made me miss my bed, which is in storage. I am glad you have yours for snuggletiemz. <3

^_^ said...

Btw. The deleted comment was mine. I was signed in with my main email account lawl. I fail. <3 you Twinkle.