Wednesday, September 05, 2012


I try to be a better blogger.
And then I get caught up in trying to establish a new school routine.
And fail.
I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Cuz it's hot and Tater likes to crawl under me while I plank.
The only thing I have caught up with is laundry. Which the older two do their own.
So that isn't a HUGE accomplishment.

Soccer and softball are both going.
And we have a lil getaway planned for this weekend for the kidlets.
We didn't take a vacay this summer.
It's nice to do a mini one.

I have yummy tomatoes bought at this little stand a few houses up
from the beach. Yummy yellow ones and little red ones.
All homegrown in the coastal breeze.
I like the coast.

It doesn't feel like fall. Or anything close to fall.
Hot. hot. hot. and humid.
My curly cues have been curled for weeks now.
Looks like my T will have some curls like my M.
It's sweet.

I'm gonna try and blog more.
Can I get a blog alarm clock that reminds me to?

1 comment:

-V said...

I need one as well. I have been failing lately. I don't even play videogames!