Monday, December 17, 2007

Where are you Christmas?

Why can't I find you..... I went shopping on saturday. Despite my many attempts to be a little more prepared, it always seems to run away from me like a toddler in the toy department. I planned, bought and made my christmas cards before December. I made christmas cookies with the kids a week and a half ago. I bought many presents, wrapping papers and stocking stuffers. Yet I STILL have stuff to do. How does that happen? I am pretty much resolved that I will never have a golden turkey and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, at least not in the month of december.

I went into Kohl's on saturday, with my 3 kids and my nephew. Oh and my sister. We decide to take the gamble that we can get at least one cart in the store. We see a lady in line, with a double stroller cart. We politely ask as she comes to the door if she was finished and if we could have it. All of a sudden the sun fell from the sky, and darkness filled the store. " I WAS WAITING!!!" boomed a loud, schreechy female voice from the sky... and I, for a second, thought that wow, God really is a woman. I turned around and the Grinch was staring down at me. She was dressed in all green, about 5 inches past way too tall for a woman, which in other terms is about 6 foot something. She is breathing heavily, and I thought I saw her nostrils flare and a flicker of fire in her throat, but it could have just been the light. She snatches that cart out of the woman's hand like it was a Wii on clearance. She turns her grinchy self around and asks her 4, perhaps 5 year old and it's OLDER sibling who wants to ride.

Seriously? You didn't think the ladies with the 2 one year old kids needed the stroller? You didn't think that quite possibly your children who look like they were managing just fine to run around the store, needed something a little more sturdy than a double stroller? Like maybe a good pair of walking shoes and a lesson in how to behave, instead of using the stroller as a jail cell. She gave my sister a dirty look, and then stomped her Grinch self away. We had planned on looking around, shopping a bit. Instead, we carried the kids over and very quickly picked out a coffee maker for my sister's boyfriend. We left, and headed back home. Christmas just ain't fun if the grinch comes to steal your stroller away.

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