Saturday, December 08, 2007

Love this

I like all kinds of music... except for polka. Polka doesn't quite do it for me. Here are some videos that I love. The first one is Taylor Swift, who is just the cutest thing ever! Love her songs, her lyrics, love it! (Notice the overuse of the word "love". I lack in the vocabulary department. Anyways, at the ACM awards, she sang her song "Tim Mcgraw" and actually walked up to him while singing it. Adorable, is all I have to say. At the CMT's ( I know all these ABC's and EFG's are confusing) she won the horizon awards, and she said "This is the highlight of my senior year!" Yes, because she is still in high school.

The next one is Kellie Pickler. She was a contestant on American Idol, didn't win, but still went on to do her own thing. She has a bit of a story, which btw, is a requirement if you are going to be a country singer. So I guess the next time you are down on your luck, think positively: You can officially sing country music... if you can sing, I guess. Her mom abandoned her when she was 2, her dad was in jail, and her grandparents raised her. She wrote this song about her mom, which is basically about if her mom ever thinks about her and where she is. She sang this at the CMT's, and it was so powerful. Try not to cry, and pick her up and put her in your back pocket, and give her all that her sweet little heart wants.

And all is not lost. If you are thinking I am all about the Honky Tonk side of the music world, fear not. Here is one of my absolute favorite songs! Seriously. Well, both songs they show, but especially the second one. On this one, try not to laugh.

Love them all.

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