Wednesday, January 23, 2008

High ambitions

The other day, the kids were talking about what they want to be when they grow up. Oldielocks wants to work at the airport. Not necessarily a pilot, just a job at the airport. I'm not sure if she's thinking about baggage handler, janitor, who knows. She LOVES airplanes andtalks endlessly about all her airplane trips. Middle chimes in and says that she doesn't want to ever work. Hmmpfh. We shall see. We do the parent thing and tell her the importance of a job, and ask her what she will do for money. She kindly informs us that she will "find it on the ground." A vision of my child at 25 popped into my head, wearing a toga and with metal detector in hand, scouring parking lots and fountains for loose change to pay rent at the campground she will be living at. I should be so proud.

All was well, when she announced minutes later that maybe she would be president. Obviously there is no middle ground for this child. Shoot low, aim high.

Fast forward to today: She comes jumping through the hall, saying "whooo hoooo, my lucky day!" I ask her why and she holds up a penny. She quickly runs to put it in her bank, excited about her find. Please let that not be a start to her lifelong career. If not president, at least minimum wage.

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sarah said...

omg...this is SO TRUE to who they are!!! i love it. oldielocks and her practicality, middle and her definately got the best of both worlds. now to find out what the beebee will be as she gets older. : )