Friday, February 06, 2009

Me and COACH

Went to the COACH outlet today. Not just to go to COACH, but really for Baby Gap. I have my priorities. Stopped at Carters...meh...wasn't a fan of anything. Saw a pair of shorts for the Baloney but blah...

stopped in COACH...and they were having a sale. I'm such a sale crack addict. But I have has to be like at least 50% off to be a GOOD sale. And imagine that it was the freakin sale price. COACH- come to mama.

so here is my new bag from COACH:

It's kind of ugly...but it was free.

Anyways, I bought this for the sister. Because she just had a birthday and she rocks...and needs a little extra COACH lovin in her life right now. She is a purple lover, and this little gem is purple and silver. (even though it kind of looks green instead of silver, it's not. really. it isn't) And this way I get all the credit and the big sister goddess best person in the world label. I'm very humble like that. (pssst...not to drop dollar amount...but $25 is kind of accurate. I had to sell my soul to the devil but....just kidding) Just try and tell me that 25 dollas make you holla COACH purses is sooo not an amazing sale.

And this baby is MINE. ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL MINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I'll tell you right now, and some COACH lovers will be horrified, but I have never had a designer purse before now. Target and Roxy are so gonna give my new one the cold shoulder. I have had a COACH wristlet before though... so it's not like I am a total COACH virgin. This one... this one called my name out and then jumped in my hand. It whispered sweet nothings in my ear, and promised a life of love and laughter, in good times and in bad..... I knew we were meant to be together. Plus the color makes me swoon. It matches my room. I'm in love.


Lena Medina said...

Yeah! I love coach purses! I always and purses are a girls best friend. No matter what size you are, they always fit!

~s said...

<~~~~~~also a coach virgin. with the exception of the wristlet mo bought me. : )

i LOVE your new purse tho. coach or not. it's adorable. and i too LOVE that color!! it was the color of the walls on my past 2 rooms, and may soon be the color of my current. we'll see. : )

anyway, supercute. and you ARE an awesome big sis. she's gonna love that!!!

TheGirlYou'llNeverKnow said...

Lena Medina is a wise woman :D!!!

Enjoy Nea!!

sarah said...

i love it! it is SO you!!

~s said...

"WTF wednesday...2/11"

i check faithfully. every day. anxious to read the new "nea-isms" and so on. i've logged on for 3 days now. there is no laughter, no tears...just silence. just crickets.


where's my blogging friend that faithfully makes me laugh every day? where is my little ray of sunshine? my bright spot in a dull and dreary day?