Wednesday, February 04, 2009

WTF Wed. #21

I once babysat for a doctor and his wife. I lived in a town known for it's college and medical school, so I have babysat for several doctors and nurses. They had 2 little boys who were adorable, the younger one I had watched since he was 2 months old, and was almost 2. This was my little buddy so of course I was going to babysit. Who knows where they were going or what they were doing, I was just the hired help. He was in his residency, going to be an Ob/Gyn. They left, I watched kids....and then it all went medical. I went to use the bathroom, the downstairs GUEST bathroom and there were books all over the place. On the sink was Uterus United, on the wall -several issues of You and your Va-jay-jay, on the back of the toilet was the hardcore female anatomy encyclopedia. It was everything short of a pap smear in there. I was thinking this dude is serious about his fallopian tubes and ovaries.

I was all "WTF" over the family room though. On the coffee table, amongst the matchbox cars and popcorn dishes, was a plethora of other learning materials. Complete with visuals of all kinds of STD's. I had nightmares of Gonorrhea and her sister Chlamydia for days. Not sure why it was on the coffee table their kids could read up on what dad does all day?And.... instead of putting shapes into a shape sorter, they had pull apart female reproductive system, kind of a uterus meets Mr. Potato head. It was violating in about 30 different intellectual ways.

They arrived home around midnight, after I put their own products of reproduction to bed. They both were a little on the sloshy side, and she had some dark purple teeth. Apparently they had been wine tasting, She hands me $50 dollars and off I go.

The next day at work (the daycare) she tells me that I was lucky she was tipsy because I'll never see that amount of cash for babysitting again. WTF?!?!?! I wondered if she realized she gave me 50... for 2 kids... for about 6 hours.... that's nothing special. She made it sound like she had given me a hundred or something. Sureeee didn't. I totally felt like I was owed an office copay after spending the evening in the hoo haa doctor office of horrors.

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