Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Oldielocks got the TV, Wii and DS taken away. And then, because she is like a cherry on a sundae, she tried to top it off by being smart. I'm over smartass kidlets. Really over that. Like send my kid to china to make fortune cookies over it.

Middle hasn't been drinking her drinks at lunch because she can't open them. They are Target brand and I bought them on a whim. Because I wass too lazy to go to Costco. Now I'm a crappy mom title holder. Of course it would help if the lunch ladies helped her....or perhaps if she even asked them. Sometimes I wish she would realize that her shyness bites her in the butt. Or deprives her of liquid.

Baloney. Ohhh Baloney. Went to bed with aloe vera lotion in her hair. ALL OVER HER HEAD. Like crusty mccrusterson in the morning. It was gross. Then she peed her pants a few times today, ran from me at softball practice.... and several other heart stopping moments that I won't write about because it gives mehigh blood pressure to think about it. And for those that know I have extremely low blood pressure... she is driving me to the nuthouse.

But I love every last one of them.. sassy, shy and insane.


~teachmom~ said...

They just make life interesting right? Who wants perfect kids? :)


~s said...

1. i hate the age of 8. i hope the age of 9 brings us much more joy and much less frustration and drama.

2. target brand capri suns suck. you should've asked me before buying them. i could've told you. lol.

3. ahhh...baloney. what can i say...my little ava jr. ava stuck a skittle up her nose yesterday because she wanted to see if it would feel funny. and rubbed makeup all over her hands. and washed her hair with toothpaste. i'm sorry...it doesn't get better. at least not in my case. but i'll be here every day to laugh with you about it. : )