Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reflection of the way I see things

Not much has been posted on this blog... and I miss it. I tried doing a different blog, but it wasn't me. This is MY blog, for years it was where I spoke and laughed and cried. It captured my thoughts, feeling and bad grammar. And laughs. I cracked myself up on this blog. Then I let someone dictate the direction in which I took my blog and that was a bad choice.

So it's back. It's here to stay. I'm always going to have people who don't agree. I'm always going to have stalkers that have no business knowing about the going ons in my life, but they will look anyways. My goal is to make them come back for more. Seriously, stalk away. I have a tracker on this thing. Make me the topic of your discussions. I need the laughs too.

Happy to be home. Let's get this party re-started.

1 comment:

Lisa and Jamie said...

Glad you're back blogging!! I've missed Nea World :)