Thursday, July 14, 2011

For the love of Grandmas

Baloney is obsessed with the word "grandma". Not surprising since I use it a lot... as in "!" or to describe something. I say things in my Ol' Granny Hag voice, mostly to make the husband laugh, but my kids know that voice as well. Any ol grandmas, I have a story here.

Baloney loves the term "Sporty Grandma". I have no clue why she says it, but....... she does. Many times I have caught her in the front yard, using a wiffle bat as a cane, and yelling, (in a spectacular granny voice I might add) "Look out, it's Sporrrrrrrty Grandma!" Of course her sisters fall into a fit of giggles and that in turn, causes more Sporty Grandma antics.

We were at the store the other day, and I had a few things to try on. Of course I had my little ducklings all in a row behind me, so I had the three sit on the floor outside my dressing room and the stroller in with me. This dressing room area had one of those annoying noises..."mmmeeeet-mooooo" when one entered the area. I told them an alarm would sound if they tried to leave, so they were pretty good about just sitting there, and also I had to promise to show them every.single.outfit that I tried on. A few times I heard the sound immediately followed by an annoyed chorus of "BALONEEYYY!" followed by a "what...<insert whatever little 4 year old excuse of getting to close to the sensor is right here>".

I was almost done and I heard the dang thing go MEEEET-MOOOO and in my huffy puffy state of removing too small clothing I said "Baloney- knock it off!" and then Thing one and Thing 2 chimed in and said "it wasn't her". And then as loud as one could yell across the swiss alps and to my mothering horror, I hear....


Great. Just absolutely mother flubbin fabulous. Some poor older lady who may only be 40 or 78 for all I know, as just been announced as an OLD GRANDMA.

oh the observation of children.


becca said...

oh I just love it!

Lisa and Jamie said...

Out of the mouths of babes!!! LOL Hilarious!