Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of july cards

When I was little, my aunt would send cards for big holidays and all the little holidays in between. Christmas..... check
4th of July.....check
National Ice Cream Day....check check...ok uncheck, but she probably would have. I remember thinking how special it was that she took the time to think of our family, on other days other than obligatory christmas. I swore when I grew up, I would do the same.

Now that I'm on my way to being a grown up, or pretending to be one, ok so I'm really just the big kids responsible for the gaggle of kids in this house, I try to do the same. We have always lived far from some part of family. If we lived near his, mine were far, or if we lived near mine, his were far, and my grandparents in between.

I started with Oldielocks, sending a handprint creation card, like angel handprints for christmas, or ghost footprints for halloween. The more kids, the more I used a picture. It's an easy way to giving everyone the opportunity to watch them "grow", and sends our love as well. And it's really all part of the bigger picture that I want to teach my kids in this entitled world, to GIVE. I don't care whatcha give, just give. Your time without expectations, your talent without acknowledgement, your things without new ones, your love because it's needed. We don't always have to join campaigns, nor is it always possible- to give water to thirsty villages, books to underprivileged schools, houses to devastated countries. (and those are all amazing things, btw ) Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that we can give of ourselves here at home, and to the people we love. I think it sets a firm foundation to give to others on a higher level when they can. People, family, friends can always always always use a little love sent their way.

I chose simple this year. Not always do I have lots of money, or tons of time. But I take what I have and use it. Simple colors, a sweet moment in a hotel room, a few stamps and a few minutes of crafting.

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