Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Happy 4th piggies

As my kids get older, we get out of the realm of cutesy crafts.... like handprints and feetprint art. If Oldielocks made a pirate out of her footprint, people would wonder why I had a giant adult sized foot decorated in my scrapbook. Oldielocks and her size 9 in women's feet. Its okay, I think she would be a lil embarrassed and much relieved, so we will stick to nail painting.

The one thing about having girls, is getting all dolled up. For any event. We busted out the red, white and blue nail polish and painted away. I get that girly time with my girlies and they get to sport patriotism on their feet. Growing up in a miliatry town, being a daughter and granddaughter of veterans, and simply being an American, I try to find new ways to make sure we celebrate and honor the holiday. They know the importance of our freedom, and even getting to have our piggies painted whatever we want.

God Bless America.... and all her toes.

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thegirlyouwillneverknow said...

Nea, I think you just might like flips qs much as I do ;)