Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the other two

I had to mark the occasion giving my kindy girl her own post, but my other two went on their way today too, one to fourth and one to sixth. Middle was ready, knew tons of kids in her class, liked her teacher. Sweetest girl ever, that Middle. Had her outfit picked out and ready, and went to her classroom all by herself. Leaps and bounds my girl has gone, leaps and bounds. It's her first year without her big sister on campus, and I am confident she is ready to grow on her own two feet. SHe still is shy, and ducks her head to the side, though she stands a little taller these days and her eyes sparkle bright. She was ready.

Oldielocks went to middle school. She spent forever this morning playing with her P.E. lock, practicing the combination, staring at her schedule. She's a big kid today, with her purple cardigan and zebra print backpack. This is the part that scares me, where other girls grow catty and mean, and I hope she doesn't get sucked up into that. I hope she has fun with her friends, but more importantly gives 100% in every class.

My kids are growing older and getting bigger and going further into the world. Whether I'm ready or not. I'm proud of them, and happy for them, but man oh man, do I love them.

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