Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Owls and Owl birthday cake

Owls are a super hot trend.

Which is kind of funny, because owls, are not pink, brown, orange, green, blue as we see them on everything these days. Nope. Color of poop or color of snow, most of them anyways. For example:

That is one ugly owl. For clothes, not for nature. Though if it was flying over my head in a dark forest, I would say it was an ugly owl. anyways. There are tons of cute owls too. Everyone has jumped on the hootin bandwagon and making some cute things.

For example:

That is just some of the cuteness that has been around the past few years.

Middle had an owl birthday this year. Cuz she's HOOOT-tastic like that. Which was a challenge for making an owl cake, but here it is. She loved it. It was bright, quirky, just like her.


becca said...

oh wow, so adorable!

^_^ said...

That bedroom set is just so awesome.