Wednesday, August 17, 2011

too school for cool

My middlest woke up this morning, saying she didn't sleep good, she was dreaming of soccer. Little did she know that I was dreaming of her, all little and all mine, knowing today was kindergarten day. I've sent off two kids before her to school, and it's never easier. One cried, one didn't. Baloney, she was born ready for kindergarten. She told me on friday when we met the teacher "I'm going to shake her hand and say nice to meet you, I would like to be in your class." She has had her outfit picked out for days, backpack ready and socks laid out.

We took the pictures to mark the day, and we arrived, all ready as she trotted away in her pink owl backpack. She was dancing on the blacktop, spinning around, just waiting for her teacher to send them in.
"I see Coach Ben, can I go say hi?"
"that girl has the same lunchbox I do!"
"hey baby, I'm going to kindergarten today, you're gonna see me later!"
"are her eyes green or blue?" she asked me.
I told her she would know soon enough. Soon enough she would be walking through that door, to sit at her table, color with crayons and sing songs. Soon enough she would not so much bat an eye at my departure, because she has always been my strong one. She has always been my child who at times wanted her mommy, but never needed her mommy. She put her little chubby arms around my neck and said bye and then gave me two thumbs up. Two thumbs up, only my Baloney. Thats when my heart welled up to my eyes and threatened to spill over. My girl, my firecracker, my spitfire, my buggy, my green eyed baby......

That's my girl, who I don't have to worry about sharing with the world, she will simply take the world by storm.

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