Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Finding the silly

I realized that I haven't posted something hilarious lately. Possibly only hilarious to me, but still. You would think that my life is void of funny. But it is not. I laugh every day at my kiddos, at my husband. At myself. Really, you know you will have a good day when laugh at yourself, before 8 am. 

Baloney constantly wants to know if Aunt Jemima and Mrs. "Butterwoods" are sisters. And I could be Aunt Jemima too if I put a Aunt Jemima hat on my head. All while making meatloaf. Who is this kid?

Oldielocks has a phone. And she likes to video things. Like scary videos she and her sister made of babies in our fridge. Annnnnd there may be a video of them knocking down a mattress and a very angry mommy voice from the dark. To which she sends it to me, with "watch this. It gets funny at the end." Yeah the end where I am yelling. Hilarious.

Middle. Oh the knock knock jokes. That are corny and dorky and half the time messed up. That makes me giggle. She tries so hard to be such a dorky joke teller. I can't help but laugh.

Tater is always laughing. happiest baby ever.

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-V said...

lawl @ "watch this it gets funny at the end."