Friday, January 06, 2012

Treasure hunting

Vintage things.
Old things.
Antique things.
Spiffed up junk.
Whatever you want to call it, I love it. I get giddy when I find old fruit crates that can hold magazines, and tin containers, milk bottles and worn aprons. My heart does a happy dance, and I clap my hands together like a barking seal. I have proclaimed my love for old homes and old cars... I feel most "things" have a story.
Just this last weekend the family and I stopped off at a local "urban barn". Full of junk that has been cleaned up. I appreciate the fact that someone went treasure hunting, since around here, we just don't have old finds like that. But I want to spruce it up myself. I'd rather not pay a bazillion dollars for a super cute re-painted dresser when I can do it myself cheaper. I once got the ugliest brown 1970's dresser with gold key dresser knobs, and it is now white, with modern handles, housing clothes for my girlies.

Anyways, since I don't live in Iowa and can't just jump in the van with the American Pickers, can't jump in Cari's yellow truck with Cash and Cari, I have to find different avenue's to find my treasures. You don't have to go to some old trashy farmhouse or swap meet. I searched area stores and found some cute things. These are a few of my recent loves.

Old milk bottles found in an antique store in the city of Orange, CA.  Flowers from farmer's market
Cute basket found in Hobby Lobby. $4.50

Mason Jar  drink dispenser found at World Market $14.99


becca said...

so cute! Love it all!

-V said...

I cannot wait to display my pyrex. <3<3<3 Vintage Pyrex.