Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Etsy rocks my knee high socks

I *heart* Etsy. (www.etsy.com) It is full of super creative peeps who come up with some of the cutest stuff, ever.

Like aprons. I am forever obsessed with aprons. I don't know if I was June Cleaver in a previous life...I might have been, sans pearls of course, since the only person I know who owns pearls is my grandma and Barbara Bush. And when a feminine hygeine product company names a line of tampons "pearls" it goes from graceful to gutter, real quick. Back to the aprons. Love this and the country bumpkin in me likes this.

When I am not drooling over aprons, I am thinking about how much fun this would be for a fairy photo shoot. If I had a forest and pixie dust.

This reminds me I need to make one of these for someone's 2nd birthday photos. Better get on that.

I want one of these, preferably with my kids names. But if I had to change their names, I will, they are not too attached, it's not like they answer to the ones they have.

Is this for real? Designer poo bag cover?

Then there is this and all it does is reminds me of "you and me baby ain't nuthin but mammals," and if you have ever seen that video, you know what I'm talking about.

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becca said...

Ah, Nea, you are the BEST at giving me a great smile! :)