Friday, May 30, 2008

hips don't lie

Shakira got something right with that song. I go to the gym, on an almost daily basis. There are a few moments where I don't go for a spell, and then when I'm shopping in the store and the cottage cheese gives a shout out to my thighs, the breaks over and back to the gym I go. I like to do the elliptical and circuit training, and people watch. I don't burn as many calories people watching, but it passes the time.

I work out, because it keeps me healthy and toned, and gives me the body I want. Awww shitaki, I lied. I work out because I am dying to be anything like what I was 10 years ago. Pre babies. Pre saggy boobs and jiggly thighs. They don't tell you that having a child will warp your body in a way that will never be the same. You can be 115 pounds again.. which I was... in 9th grade. But sexy jeans? ha....they don't tell you that your hip bones will widen like a wide mouthed piranha and never return. So you are stuck, working feverishly, trying to wear anything other than elastic waist bands.

So right now, my thighs are burning, and cussing. Every step I take, the left one utters "dannnnng, the right one says "Sweet effin' grapes.." and my back 40, well it's just screaming. Can't make out what it's sayin', but it's pissed. My southern hemisphere is protesting and I swear, my legs better bear some resemblence to Halle Berry's real soon. Her pre-baby legs. Because she will quickly learn, mother nature doesn't play favorites. Her hips won't lie either.

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