Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kids say the weirdest things

I love it when my kids say something off the wall. Not like"Go Bleep Bleep a cow, you Bleep Bleep." Nothing foul like that. More like when the mispronounce words or use the incorrect word, or are totally not on the same planet of thought.

Middle comes skipping into my room the other day, and a floral scent followed her. I sniff and trying to figure out if she washed her hands, or sprayed body spray, or if Avalon just robbed a Bath and Body Works truck, I kind of wanted to know.

"What's that smell?" I ask.

(insert very weird look here)

"what smell?"

"On you. What is that smell from?" (I am soooo descriptive in my daily conversation, almost flowery)

She looks me dead in the face, very truthfully says

"stinky socks"

and walks away. That kid gets me... every time.

Is it bad that I think the mispronunciations are cute and don't correct them. I mean, sometimes I do, but I love it when my oldest tells me "I am sooo cold I am shimmering!" She is going to go to college, using the word "shimmer" for "shiver".

Or this conversation in the car the other day.

"Mom, the police were at our school today."

"Why, were you bad?" (don't worry, my kids know when I am kidding. i think.)

"No... it's because of the gar-fitti."

"The what?

"The GARFITTI. You know, people painted words on the amphitheater, and then painters came."

"Oh...I see. Honey, it's called GRA-fitti. And it's illegal. If kids want you to sneak out in the night and spray paint your name on a building, you say no. But really, it IS illegal."

"Why do people do GRRAAAfitti?

"Because they think they are cool. And if being cool is doing illegal stuff, then it's not cool, right?"

"ohhhhh, yeah."

Got my parent points for the day.

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teachmom said...

Teeheehee, yes they are! :) Keep blogging Woman! :) You give us a giggle or two every time!