Sunday, November 09, 2008

Family Fun Photo Time

Took the kids out yesterday, along with the husband to get some family pictures.
Four our Christmas cards. Not two seconds after we spot an open field, does it start to go downhill.

Oldielocks has a cold. Oldielocks already has puppy dog eyes, combine that with her cold, and 75% of pictures with her in them look like she was taking swigs of Jack Daniels, and NyQuil, repeatedly. Her eyes are so heavy. And she has shiny snot pockets reflecting.

Middle was feeling the greatest either, but she giggled through it. As she played in the dirt. During the first picture and every hundred after. Hands down, on her haunches like some native tribal warrior, drawing directions to the nearest banana tree. Sifting it through her fingers. She too has snot pockets. Lovely.

Baloney, well this is Baloney about 5 minutes after we arrive.

She was real excited about the whole thing. When she wasn't running away, or chasing dogs. Because we arrived at prime walk-your-dog-without-a-leash-or-poop-bag time. SO I prayed for no dog doo souvenirs and kept taking pics.

And the husband.
Let's just say he wasn't feelin it either.

Next time I am swiping the family in the frames you get at Kohls and calling it a day.

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Heidi said...

I SOOO feel your pain! We were trying to do our annual photo shoot for Christmas cards on Saturday and neither of my kids would cooperate- not the almost 4 year old, the 5 yr old or the 38 year old!

But that crying pic is priceless! :)