Sunday, November 02, 2008

I really like this

I think Baloney would look adorable in this. But I have two other girls. AndI really can't put them in the same exact outfit forever. Because when I am 89, in my nursing home, my kids will come visit me, in t-shirts, with a picture from 2007, when they had matching christmas dresses. And it will have some witty, snarky, but hilarious caption underneath, and it will give them a good chuckle, and if they can't ever bond over anything in life, it will be the matching outfits that will remind them just how very much they are sisters. I'm willing to be their laughingstock. I got to figure out if I can dress my family around this dress. It's from Gap. And I lurrveeee it.


~teachmom~ said...

"and I lurrveee it"

I don't know why, but I picture an SNL skit of that Target lady when you say that. :)

That is a CUTE gorgeous dress!!!
There's only so long you CAN get away with this, Nea. Go for it! :)

sarah said...

love it.