Thursday, November 13, 2008

Spelling Test

This is Middle's spelling test. Let's go over it.

First, we won't ignore the elephant in the room. My darling dear wrote Crap on her test. Complete with a backward C. Cuz she is a high roller like that. Should I write an apology note to the teacher?

"Dear Mrs. First Grade,
Sorry about the Crap snafu. I'm sure Middle didn't think you were telling her to spell crap. It's not like she says the word. She can just spell it...apparently. You learn something new about your kids everyday. Who Knew? And um, please let this be no reflection of my parenting.
Fondly, Middle's mom."

Number 5 is what? Jes? Jessica Simpson, that you? I guessed many words, but Middle has since informed me it was dress. Hmmmm, don't really see it. And then later she said it was does. She had written "doss" three times on her spelling list. SO, it's the mystery word. I have nooo idea.

And Brena. She's an girl from the Swiss Alps. And yodels at night with long blonde braids.
Or it's the word brown. Brown brown brown brena brown.

So, back to crap. It was actually "crack." Say no to crack and just write crap. Should I be worried that she can't spell brown.... but she can spell crap?

and um this week is "The Duck Who Clucked." Complete with words like flock and cluck. That's a recipe for a phone call home. With concerns over Middle's vocabulary..
Maybe she will stay home sick on spelling test day.......


Anonymous said...

ROFLOL!!! So cute! I love first graders' spelling tests (having graded many) and deciphering their invented spellings, too. LOL--next week's story *does* lend itself to quite a few oopsie words, eh? You know, I can see middle's logic behind "crap". I mean, she was going right along~rhyming it with the word above. I can see how "jes" is "does", but I would have guessed "just" if you hadn't have mentioned 'doss'. Oooh..first grade teachers like to get kids saying rhyming words aloud, too--but I know I tried to avoid the word "duck" and "truck" because going through the alphabet, there were always a few who accidentally made one of *those* rhymes. teehee ;) Oh, sometimes "it" was to be avoided, too.

sarah said...

suck a duck :)


~teachmom~ said...

LOL!!! DS always went around in preschool and church saying f--k for truck. Was so embarrassed! Eeek!

DD M makes those silly mistakes with spelling every now and then still. It's a crack-up when she's trying....frustrating when she's not even thinking about it and guessing. What is wierd is when she spells and pronounces the bigger words perfectly and misspells/misprounces a site word.

~teachmom~ said...
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~teachmom~ said...

I apparently can't spell, either.

**mispronounces** not misprounces. Aye, aye, aye!

Jamie said...

Haha, Crap...that's hillarious!! Sounds like something my 2nd grader would do :-)

Found your blog from J. Leigh Designz & you are crackin' me up. I'll be back!