Tuesday, December 16, 2008

be still my gymbo and gap loving heart

I haven't been feeling the Gymboree love lately. All of it has been blah, not unique, not the Gymboree of Middle's early days that I fell in love with. I did buy her some

cute zebra rain boots for Christmas, simply because they are sooooo Middle. Nothing has been stopping me and making me drool. Which is good, since drooling over clothing = addiction and I am not an addict....lately.

SO I saw Gymbo's new stuff... and Middle must have it. This whole yellow cheerful happy sun comes out tomorrow outfit. I don't know why a 6 year old needs a purse, but it's an alligator, and completes the ensemble. First Grade, watch out. That yellow quilted jacket.... makes me thinks of rainbows and lemon drops.

Then I stopped at Gap. And since I am a sucker for all things vintage and retro and secretly believe I used to live in the 1940's, I fell for their stuff too. I love sailor shorts and nautical yachting goodness. This I would put on Baloney.

I am so looking forward to spring.

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