Monday, December 08, 2008

oh, I'm around

Note: That does not read I get around.

I've been crafting, because everybody and their grandma around meis having babies. Well, I really hope their grandmas are not having babies, but seriously, people need to find some new recreational activities.

I made this:
along with that quilt, a few burp cloths, and a nursing cover for baby Maverick.

And I made this stuff:

which is a nursing cover out of some fabulous Amy butler fabric that I will be making an apron out of and perhaps a wrap dress for Baloney. And the matching burp cloths, because girls should always be princessy, even when they spit up. These are for Baby K being born tomorrow. I will make a shirt with her name, and one with her sister, along with a tutu for older sister.

So yes, I am being productive. I think.

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