Wednesday, December 10, 2008

WTF #14

It's December.
Which, before you shout out a big old snarky "Thank you Captain Obvious...", I'm making a point. Point is, I have to go out shopping. A lot. Because I have several siblings and in-law and out law siblings. All kinds of whack jobs in this bunch, but alas, they need gifts.

I go into MACYS, to get something that I already had picked out for Construction Brother. I look and see a multitude of heavenly hosts -er, sale signs. Sorry the Christmas spirit is trying to over take my blog. The jacket I want to get him is on sale. 25% off Men's Action outerwear. And I have a coupon. Someone really, really likes me today.

So I thought.

I take it up to Ken, you know of Barbie and Ken? Blonde, plastic face, equally as plastic personality. I think his hair had no chance of moving, at that moment or in an f-4 tornado.

Ken is super chipper, in a plastic super chipper sort of way. I place the coat on the counter and we proceed.

"69.50 is your total."

"Isn't it supposed to be 25% off?"

"Um....let me..... (pretend to look around and figure out this oh so perplexing problem all the while my plastic hair chills in place) actually the only things on sales are hoodies and things."

"It says outerwear."

"well.... this is considered a shirt."


(here is a picture of said shirt)

This shirt has a Sherpa lining, because all shirts are made of heavy flannel, Sherpa lining, and then soft silkie-esque lining in the arms. Especially shirts in Southern California, you know we got to have protection from the frozen tundra out here. Good thing you can layer your jacket, you know the other thing with Sherpa lining over this one. Construction Brother, meet the Abominable flannel lovin Snowman.

"That's a shirt? It has lining inside....and it's bulky, with more lining in the arms. No way someone is going to tuck that in their pants.....I'm pretty sure it's a jacket. In fact, I'm convinced."

"Nope, we sell it as a shirt."

"But it looks exactly like that flannel over there, that you are selling as a jacket. The only difference I see is color. Sherpa lining, everything the same."

"It's just what it's labeled as. The hoodies and the jackets are the outerwear that's on sale."

"I get that, I'm just baffled by the fact that you call this a shirt, when clearly, it's not."

"well good news is, with your coupon it's only 59 dollars."

Is Ken Doll serious? Yay, you choked on a dead worm in your salad, but at least it wasn't poisonous, even though there should be no worms in your salad. wtf-ever. Have fun working in MACYS, the idiotic clothes store.

" I guess, even though it would have been even cheaper had it qualified as a jacket in the sale lotto."

"Hee hee."

"Can I get a box?"

"Sure." Ken Doll looks around and his plastic eyes size up the 12 inch pile of heavy flannel and Sherpa shirt. "This is all I have, hopefully it fits."

"I don't see why it wouldn't fit in a shirt box, seeing how it's a shirt and all."

Then I walked my MACYS hating ass away.

and ps, his name really was Ken.

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