Friday, January 16, 2009

Frozen Tundra

The entire nation is freezing.

But me.

Everyone has some sort of negative degrees temperature. Everyone.... but me. It is snowing, freezing, icy, cold. I don't think "cold" is sufficient to describe. It's like if Hell had fraternal twin, where they were so much alike, an unbearable place, and the only difference's frozen.

Instead, I woke up to blue skies, I could see islands today on my drive up the coast. The sun was shining, it was a 78 degree day. I have on short sleeves. I'm not bragging. I'm sharing. Weather is predictable around here. Seventies, seventies, seventies. I like the look of snow. I just don't want to live there. Not today, or the rest of this week. To honor the cold, I made chicken tortilla soup yesterday. It was delicious. And warming... need the recipe?

Anyways, speaking of cold, I am soooo grateful for all the passengers in that US Airways crash yesterday. They survived, the crash, the water, the cold. They survived it all. I hear one many say how they wanted all the women and children off first. It warms my heart to know that such chivalry, and human kindness is still evident in this world today. God bless them all.

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~s said...

you suck. case i hadn't told you that today. lol. ; )