Friday, January 30, 2009

Times it's hard to be a friend

1. when asked to tell friend what is wrong with them and "psychotic hose beast" is the wrong term to use.

2. when friend cries a thousand times a day about their relationship, as if the past 15 minutes had changed it all.

3. when friend asks if the flowery sweater makes them look fat, and it doesn't... it's just ugly... but they love it.

4. When they want to know the baby name they chose is adorable, and you want to say "yes... if you are a going to be a stripper when you grow up." but you don't.

5. When they want to gab for hours about political turmoil in Amsterdam and you just want to know about what Britney Spears is doin' now.

6. When friend thinks Patrick Dempsey is McDreamy.. and you think he is McPukey.

7. When friend acts like they know everything, including the price of tea in China, yet they don't know what the price of gas is down the street.

8. when friend is the only one who likes cabbage rolls, but you eat it every time, while gagging, because well... you're friends.

And the hardest is when you have to take all your toys and go home. Including all your Garbage Pail Kids


~s said...

i feel ya homegirl!! i know i don't always make the easiest friend, but thanks for always being there for me...even when i made you eat those damn cabbage rolls! : )

oh...and i didn't know you hated my sweater...i had already shipped it to you earlier in the week because i thought you loved it! hehe

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