Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boogers on a pillow

"Mom... I wiped my boogers on your pillow"


I'm not certain how to respond.. should I freak out? Should I get mad? Should I laugh? Should I say thank you? Should I throw the pillowcase away?

Instead I asked "why?"

"well, it's really yucky"

"what is? My pillow or your boogers?"

"my boogers"

"So then....Why would you wipe boogers on my pillow if it's yucky?"

'Well (enter big grin) it's okay. I'll just lay on it."


I will look on the bright side.

At least it wasn't poop.

The End.


Lena Medina said...

your girls are just as silly as we were! Ha!

Jennifer Leigh said...

The day in a life as Nea.... haha!

Anonymous said...

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