Monday, January 04, 2010

Clothes Lovin

Let's pretend I don't wear my pajamas to take my kids to school. Because I do. Pajama pants, sweatshirt on the cold days... (I don't even put on a bra.) I am all kinds of slobby pulling up in the drop off line. Luckily I can toss them out the window and get home in about 5 minutes. One day I *almost* had to get out of the car. I was sweating, trying to pull my birds nest on my head into a ponytail.... You think I would have learned my lesson and fallen to my knees in gratefulness. But I didn't. I still treat drop off like I am on my way to a slumber party.

Let's check out how I would like to arrive at school.... in the morning.

All from Anthropologie. All super effin adorable! *swoon*

This makes me happy. Like roll down a grass hill, pick flowers in my bare feet happy.

I would like to make a nice dinner out of fresh garden vegtables, serve on white scalloped plates, wearing my vintage apron. and perhaps pearls. All because of this dress. It brings out the Suzie Homemaker in me.

This... this is riding a bike down a country road. With or without a sweater. But a flower in my hair, and a basket on my bike.

I need to get out of these jammies for reals. And get to shopping. I looove these.
The end.

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