Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sometimes I wonder

This post has no pictures. You will thank me later.

Middle was stayed home from school today. We pulled up at drop off and she exclaims from the back seat "I don't think I feel very good." I glance back and besides the panic in her eyes, her lips have turned pale. This is classic Middle code that her body has betrayed her and somewhere in the day before she didn't eat enough and now is going to pay the price in form of vomiting and dry heaving. This has been her life cycle since she was two.

I'm so used to it, that I asked her to put her sweatshirt on her lap and if she was going to puke, to puke in the sweatshirt. Not trying to be insensitive and shitaki,but seriously, I was not feelin clean up on aisle 7. Besides puke+75 degrees... trapped in a car.... the stuff of nightmares. My nose would never forgive me.

She lays around all day, and has a drink around 1:00. And promptly pukes all over the dining room chair. While I turn around to get a paper towel, she proceeds to stagger into the living room like a wild hair barfin' monster and yak all over the stuffed chair in the living room.


I banished her to the bathroom floor, laying on a towel. Cuz I'm a mean mom like that. The cats, the 3 year old, the ever loving stench of curdled breakfast.... I pretty much curled up into a ball and banged my head against the wall. Seriously disgusting.

She is fine now, btw. My nose is in a permanent scrunched up position, but I'm good too.



Jennifer Leigh said...

SO glad I read this while eating my dinner. At least I was still stunned by the 75 degrees while its like 10 below ZERO here!

buckeyefamily said...

You are such a real mom.