Monday, March 31, 2008

Cesar Salad Chavez day

Today is Cesar Chavez day. Took me and my chicken tacos by surprise as well. Apparently, it's kind of a big deal around here. As in, just another day for the local gov't to be closed. Which I don't really understand. Why just them? They all have ties to Cesar Chavez? They all must have been strawberry and tomato pickers in their past lives.

Most of you, including myself had the reaction of "Ceasar who?" Who the eff is Cesar Chavez? Where is Mike Jones? According to wikipedia, the national enquirer of the internet, Cesar is a hero for farm laborers. He stood up for them and higher wages, better treatment. Civil rights leader.

So, you can't get a book at the library today, since it's Cesar Chavez day. Your trash will have to rot one more day before getting picked up. Personally, I get nothing out of the deal. No free burritos, not carne asada tacos. Whatever. I almost get hit at least 10 times a day by mexican drivers. They just can't drive... at all. Like other things that take place in that country to the south, they have no rules, and no regulations. I have to drive through a heavily populated mexican area, to get to the YMCA. They are running out in the street like it's the flippin' border crossing. It scares me and annoys me. Today some Maria was driving in the turn lane, straight at me. At the last minute she turned, missing my car by 2.3 inches. She had a huge white swipe down the side of her car, clearly not her first time in the illegal driving rodeo.

And before someone gets all PC on me about using the term "mexican", let me explain something. Seriously, 99.9% of them are not from here, and they are not from Canada.... 10 lucky guesses where they are from. Oaxaca is a popular homeland, which is in.... Mexico territory. So Mexicans they are. If you don't like the term, I have ten more I can use. But then that WOULD be racist, and I'm not. And fact number two, my maiden name isn't Smith... or Jones. It's not Spaghetti or Kubushka. It's not Wu or Palimalipalimalu. But it is something like Saltillo tile or cacahuates. Something totally mexican like that. That automatically gets me in the " I can use whatever term I want, because I am related to one" category. Like it or leave, that's the rules of the game that I play by. Besides I can make a kick ass salsa and tamales like my name is Guadalupe.

Cesar Chavez ain't got nuthin on cinco de mayo.

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annoyed?good. said...

I can use whatever term I want, because I am related to one category.

This must be why all of my sister's label me a genius!! HAha