Thursday, April 03, 2008

My kids amaze me

Oldielocks plays softball. She's fairly good at it. As good as an 8 year old can be. She can hit, throw, and steal to her little hearts content. Her team already has a daisy picker, so she can't be the daisy picker. She's shortstop, so she's pretty busy out there. She picked up the game quick, and does well. Which is not surprising, since the kid is advanced in math and reading. This is not a bragging post, more of an explanation.

She's getting ready for softball one day, and was sent downstairs to get her stuff together. She tries to open the door to the garage and can't. I hear a few minutes of groaning and thumping, along with some agitated mutterings. I come down there to solve the mystery. She is yanking up and down, left and right on the door.

"It WON"T open!!" slam, bang, tug
"The door won't open?" I step towards to try and open it, and notice something.
"NO IT WON"T! WHO did this? UGHHHHHHH!" More yanking and tugging.
"Have you tried everything?"I ask.
"YES!" She slams her body against the door, hangs her body on the handle, kicks the bottom part.
" and .....(heaving breathing) it is stuck!!! With CEMENT!!!" as she claws her way through the finish.

I lean forward and unlock it. Yes, you read that right. UNLOCK the door.
She looks at me, bright red, sweaty and flustered. "Well, who would lock it?"

"Uh the same person who probably put your bag in the hall closet, where it always is." As I open the hall closet door to reveal the bag.

"OH....hhahaha... I thought that was the hall closet." And gets her bag and goes on her merry way.

And she's the "smart" one. Like I said, the kids amaze me.


annoyed?good. said... least she is smarter than Amelia.

~amelia~ said...

oooh thats messed up biscuit