Monday, July 07, 2008

I spoke too soon

Puke-a-hontas is back in town. All over the car seat. I'd so much rather throw it away and gnaw my feet off than clean it. But I'm not rich and famous even though I swear I could party like a rock star given the chance.........and the money. SO for now, it's in the backyard, drying. Like my stomach. My own innards are shriveling up and dying because nothing kills a healthy girls appetite like chunks of toddler vomit and lunch.

*gag* I am over this.


teachmom said...

Ugh! Poor babies! I'd be gagging too. Dh is good at cleaning up so much more than I....I sometimes hand off the task while I cuddle the sickies.

HUGS to you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope your gals are all better soon!