Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fashion worries

Help me pick easter outfits!!
They go in order of Oldie (9), Middle 6, Baloney 2.

One thing though...this dress (orange and pink)is kind of blah... like a cheese sandwhich on white bread. I might add a bigger white bow or something.

If I do the stripes, I will outfit them with shrugs, and you can't see but theyhavelittlebits of tule sticking out the bottom.

And just to be difficult I like this dress too.
ANd if pics are too small, they are all childrens place.

So whatcha think? I need help!


*Mo* said...

I dig the strips plus a shrug....but then again you don't live in cold Ohio so you could do the last one. They are all fabulous choices. :)

J. Leigh Designz said...

I would have went:


But they all rock!

Lisa and Jamie said...

I'm liking the stripes too :)

~s said...

ok. i'm torn. i love the teal stuff...but i can't picture oldie in a girlie dress with a bow! : ) hmm...

that's my vote tho. the teal stuff. but i DO love the stripes with the shrug like everyone else (i'm a conformist apparently. lol). i can see why you're torn... ; )

~s said...

ps...maybe to be could use the last teal dress that you listed for baloney instead of the one shown in the teal trio?? just a suggestion. i like it better : )

~teachmom~ said...

I like the stripes w/shrugs--blue. :)

sarah said...

on your kids, i think the blue woudl look incredible. :)

however, i like the last option with teh same dresses in different colors. like eggs! LOL