Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grandma's Quilt

I was at a local fabric store that was going out of business to see what they had. None of my favorite Amy Butler, but I did come across this super pretty purple fabric (erin mcmorris-urban garden). So I started pairing up fabric, and decided I would make a quilt.

I have never made a quilt in my life.... unless you count a rag quilt, which is far easier and not so complicated. But I had many reasons for this quilt.

My grandma lives in Hawaii.
This quilt is so hawaii-esque.
It has polka dot fabric, who doesn't love polka dot dot...
My grandma always wears this huge print fabrics
and this is a huge print fabric.

My grandma would sew everything. Absolutely everything.
Then she had a stroke.
or a few.
And my able bodied, free spirited grandma can no longer sew.
Sewing was my grandma's heart, and and to see it be taken,
is heartbreaking.
I figure if I can sew, I'll be her hands for her.
She made my kids blankets when they were born, and now, things will be made for her.
Because that's what love does, it comes full circle.
Like the circles of my quilt.


~s said...

awwww!!! such a sweet blog! and the quilt turned out AMAZING!! seriously...totally gorgeous! : )
you're such a good friend...and granddaughter. : )

erinann said...

seriously awesome!

it is amazing!

J. Leigh Designz said...

You are seriously awesome Nea...when is the Nea store opening so I get get some too!