Thursday, March 19, 2009

For baby Braeden

My dear friend from back in the days is having her first baby. It's been a long pregnancy, a complicated one at that, so I wanted to send a lot of love her way. We used to work together in daycare, and at my home where we used to watch kids together. So she used to love on my kids, and now this is how I can love on her baby.

The theme is airplanes, if you can't tell.

I made these burp cloths.

And made her a hooter hider, she picked out this pretty fabric.. Amy Butler.

The back of Braeden's airplane quilt. Cozy chenille.

The front of the quilt, it has airplanes, blue minky, blue gingham flannel, and brown with white polka dots.

All of the fun presents, complete with airplane outfit, matching binks, blankets, and of course blue and brown dinosaur.

And final product, for her baby shower in a box. Who doesn't love chocolate and blue together.. or chocolate and pink, chocolate and lime green.... love it all.

We are so excited for you Baby Braeden!


~s said...

PERFECT baby shower in a box!!! : ) all that airplane stuff...i could just die!! absolutely awesome! : ) i too love the chocolate combo, as we know...and we use mavo's quilt almost daily! it's his favorite "lay on the floor and play" blanket, and will hopefully someday be his favorite "drag around the house and all of creation" blanket : )

~teachmom~ said...

You're such a talented mom and auntie! :) They're lucky to have you! :D

Lena Medina said...

Nea. You are amazing! These gifts are precious! So talented!

Cheryl said...

Hi there,
stumbled on your blog today and wanted to know if you could share how you quilted this baby quilt. I am done pieceing a pinwheel top and want to use some pinwheels on the back as well as chenille. Any help would be appreciated.