Monday, March 30, 2009

Felt Food Bonanza

I made a bunch of felt food for Baloney for Christmas, to go with her new kitchen. Cost effective, and would provide countless hours of entertainment. And it has. Recently a friend mentioned she wanted to make some for her son for Easter, and of course I'm going on and on about how easy it is and cute. And realizing that I never put any pics up. So here they are... after I went and dug them out of Baloney's little house in the backyard.

(And for those of you that really want to kick my crafty personality in the booty and invite my name calling, storytelling, laughing diva back, it's happening. Soon. I'm just not good about balancing. Ask my 7th grade p.e. gymnastic class.

Carrots, bread, some kind of mystery meat, cheese, tomato, green bean, pickle, and lettuce. My cucumber and banana are missing.

Choc. chip cookie, cookies with sprinkles. I made a whole plateful, and the rest are probably buried under a box of barbies.

raviolis... missing a red squiggly cut out of "sauce"

quesadilla.... every california kid needs one.

Pancakes and eggs. With the bacon missing. Girl must be watching her cholesterol.


sarah said...

PERFECT. thanks so much!!! the cookies are the same that iw as going to make. awesomeness.

heart you.

~s said...

those are so cute!!! i can't believe after all the hours i talked to you while making them that i haven't seen them before now! : ) they turned out great, queen crafty!! : )

J. Leigh Designz said...

Seriously I ask again? Why aren't you selling your stuff?!?!? I love felt food! Gavin does too! He has a pretty nifty pizza that is his favorite!

erinann said...


Anonymous said...

oh, WOW! I LOVE your felt food. I don't even have a child that is young enough to play with stuff like that anymore...but I still think it's awesome work. :)

~teachmom~ said... are seriously talented, Nea. I agree w/ Jenne: sell the stuff!!!!