Tuesday, January 11, 2011


So it's 1-11-2011.

Today is as good as any to write a blog entry.

Except for I think I'm hungry and really, how am I supposed to form a sentence if my stomach is growling. I'll trudge through though, priorities. I go walking with the baloney every day and she rides her bike. She races way ahead and then I have to huff and puff to keep up, all the while "pour some sugar on me" is blasting in my ears, true stripper style. We pass these little patch of bunnies everyday, so last night when we get home, she tells the hubby that "We saw bunnies today and almost bought one." Of course his eyes search mine with a "wtf is she talking about willis" look.

What? First of all, they are wild bunnies- that by the weeks end might possibly be road kill. Sad but true. Just keeping the circle of life real here. And next, buy them from who? The invisible bunny seller in the middle of the park? And last, bunny poop is gross. Little itty balls of turds that may or may not roll away at any given clean up moment? Yeah, I'm good with not stressing out over bunny poop. We are not buying any bunnies. the end.

But I do love this age, where fact is fiction and fiction is fact. They truly believe that a dragon stole their blanket and they fed the dragon 8 bowls of cheerios and then the dragon flew away... in a pink school bus.

So while it's not true, it's cute. And it just might be a good lesson. I wonder if I could use that line the next time I see some cute boots... "well I saw boots today and almost bought them..."

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